How To Guarantee You’ll Watch Your Wedding Video (More Than Once)

July 6, 2019


Cindy Caughey

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Happy young couple doesn’t regret getting a wedding video.

Some couples know right away that a wedding video is a top priority to them, and so they book wedding videography right choosing their venue.

Others think about wedding video and have such a hard time justifying the cost that it gets put off until last minute.

The struggle between knowing you want to preserve your memories and trying to figure out if you’re going to watch it more than a couple of times is hard to wrestle with.

Who wants to pay thousands of dollars only to experience something one time and never look at it ever again?

Realistically, how often will I watch my wedding video?

This question stumps a lot of folks. And, rightfully, a lot of questions follow it.

Should you spend the money on it if you only watch it once?

Do I really want this or is it FOMO?

Would it be better to allocate those thousands of dollars toward something more practical like paying off your car or upgrading your honeymoon?

But, still… you kinda only see yourself watching it one time. Probably because you don’t even watch the videos you take yourself on your own phone.

But it seems like wedding video regret is everywhere.

Your friends are talking about it, your sister tells you how important it is to get one, all the blogs and magazines are writing about it.

You’d hate to be the person who could have had it but chose not to and now has to live with the decision because that’s a lot to have sitting on your shoulders for, well, ever. And the idea of that of sucks.

The problem is, you’re thinking your wedding video is only a wedding video and in reality your wedding video has a lot of secret identities that you’re not even considering.

Is your wedding video Clark Kent or Superman?

I want to let you in on a secret. Your wedding video isn’t something that’s just pretty to look at.

You see, wedding videography is Superman and a lot of people see it more like Clark Kent. The true powers of wedding video totally fly under the radar.

But the reality is, your wedding video is teeming with energy and life.

Your life. Your memories. And that, my dear, is mighty powerful stuff when it comes to living to the fullest.

Your wedding video gets its superhero powers directly from you.

Your wedding film has the ability to impact your life in so many positive ways, but it only has the power you allow it to have.

Tell your video that it’s only worth watching it once and relegate it to a junk drawer—that’s all it’ll ever be.

But empower your video to use all of its influence and it will positively impact your life exponentially.

Because your wedding video is made up of 100% All Natural You (not from concentrate). It’s made of your best self.

And your best self is some major league stuff to have in your corner.

So let’s dig in and discover all the ways your wedding video is going to help create amazing spaces in your life.

1. It Builds Traditions.

Yes, I know. This is the one that’s on top of everyone’s list—watching your wedding video on your wedding anniversary.

It’s a great and that’s why it’s on top of everyone’s list.

But why are traditions so important?

Because shared experiences build strong and enduring relationships. That’s not just limited to major holidays. It applies to any tradition you make between the two of you.

It can be as simple as grabbing some of your favorite takeout and cuddling up on the couch with each other as you reminisce.

Or it can be as grand as getting an anniversary cake from the same baker, drinking the same champagne, and celebrating with your entire wedding party.

Whatever you go with, hold onto that tradition and don’t let go. Life has big changes ahead and as each year passes, it’s more important to keep your wedding video viewing tradition alive.

2. It lets you track change over time.

One of the best (and consequently most fun) reasons to watch a wedding video year after year is to see how everyone has progressed over time. What’s changed, what’s stayed constant.

Oftentimes when distance is put between you and an occasion, a sweetness develops and that part of your wedding that you thought was a complete disaster is now the most hilarious thing in the entire world.

So if you’re someone who wrinkles your nose at the idea of watching your wedding video on every wedding anniversary because it’s the same old thing… make it your own.

There’s no rule that it has to be what your parents did, or what your friends do. That’s what’s so amazing about wedding videos—it’s all you, baby.

3. Instant Marriage Counselor.

At some point (probably many points) in your life you’re going to want to kill each other for stupid things like dirty rolled up socks that are still balled up in the dryer and OMG THAT SMELL WILL EVER COME OUT AND NOW YOU MUST DIE, stab stab stab (btw, we do not condone the stabbing of your partner… or anyone. Or anything, actually).

You’re going to have fights, big ones and little ones.

You live with someone therefore you shall fight. It’s normal and it’s human.

But what’s important is remembering (as soon as humanly possible) that you don’t, in fact, hate each other because someone is incapable of unrolling their socks before they hit the washing machine.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like you hate them at that moment. And on occasion it can feel like that feeling is pretty accurate and permanent. (It’s not… they’re just funky socks.)

This is the perfect time to sit down with your wedding videos and reflect on why you love each other and even liked each other in the first place.

Your wedding video shows you the intense amount of love in each others’ eyes and how much fun you have with each other. It lets you relive all those shared moments you had with family and friends.

Shared experiences are a cornerstone to a successful and strong marriage.

Experiencing these kinds of memories, when you need it most—randomly, in the middle of the year—are key. It really is one of the best things you can do for your marriage.  

4. Use it as a Happiness Generator.

We all could use one of these.

Maybe it’s a bad day at work that triggers a previously untapped anger. Sometimes you can find yourself in a seriously foul mood for no real good reason at all. It doesn’t matter, really, they just happen.

Foul moods’ favorite thing to do is convince you that life hates you.

It can take some real effort to release yourself from the grasp of the foulness that has taken over.

This is when you have to turn to your secret weapon, your happiness generator.

Wedding trailers are especially perfect for this and it can be your secret weapon against these bad mood gremlins.

All your very best wedding moments all rolled into a 3 minute video that makes your heart soar every time you watch it.

And you can do this anywhere. In the subway, in the bathroom at work, while you’re making dinner, while you’re out to dinner; you get the point.

Happiness generator out, headphones in, and (figuratively) punch that crap day in the face with it.

BAM! Take that, stupid day!

Instantly, you’re reminded of the loads of people who came out to celebrate you. Who love you. This is YOUR life?? Yes! Yes, it is.

What a fabulous reminder to have right when you need it.

5. Bond with friends and family who couldn’t make it.

Sometimes, no matter how badly they want to be there, someone just can’t attend your wedding. Whether it’s distance or illness that prevents them, doesn’t matter.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to participate in some way.

Your wedding video gives them a chance to feel like they were at your wedding with you. A chance to bond over the moments like they had a front row seat.

They’re not going to be left out on those important moments, or the little ones that your awesome videographer captured.

Now they can feel like they were a part of it and you have the ability to have a shared memory and experience that continues to strengthen your relationship with them.  

6. Your future kids are going to love it.

Believe it or not, if you choose to have them, your future kids are going to love watching mom and dad’s wedding.

It gives them a chance to see you as completely different people.

Back then you weren’t the people who made tiny humans eat their vegetables and go to bed by 7pm. You were young, energetic people without a care in the world.

Consequently, it reminds you what you were like before you stepped on LEGOS in the middle of the night and ate something other than chicken fingers.

7. Remember the people you’ve loved and lost.

If you’ve read anything about us you know that both of our moms died of cancer within the last few years. It sucks. A lot. Because we miss them like nothing you could ever believe.

Hindsight has 20/20 vision and unfortunately that means I get to be my own cautionary tale for not having any video of my own mother to remember her by.

And we would very much like for you not to be in this position one day.

Sean has loads of video of his mom, all the way back to when he was a wee tot. Hours and hours of footage from holidays, family gatherings, and special occasions.  

I don’t have any footage of my mom. Nothing of my mom at weddings, birthdays, holidays, regular days… zip, zero, nada.

And there were plenty of reasons not to record these occasions.

I have no doubt, you know them all—no one liked the way they looked on video, we were afraid of looking dorky or feeling awkward in front of the camera. Things. just. weren’t. perfect. enough.

Except, as it turns out, each and every time she was perfect enough. And now she’s gone.

What I have is 16 saved voicemails asking me to call her back.

Sixteen voicemails reminding me that life is too damn short and precious to take for granted.

Do you know what I’d do for even just a little video footage of my mom?

Let alone footage of her before she had cancer, when she was happy, healthy, and could do that little weird mom-dance she would do?

Regardless of it was when she was overweight or if she was thin, or if her hair was done up as perfect and as shellacked as she could get it or patchy and white from chemo treatments.

I have pictures of us together, for sure. Those pictures show me that we had some pretty good laughs.

But I can’t hear us laughing or know what we were laughing about.

Those are just barely wisps of a memory now. Just a little too far out of reach to be clear.

I know it happened, but I don’t know what on earth made us laugh so hard, other than a general knowledge that we always laughed until we cried because that’s just how we rolled.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The memories you have of the friends and family you love are precious and as you get older they become flat out invaluable.

Video preserves these moments so you’re able to steal these people back into your life, if even for just a moment.

It’s difficult to explain the future value of something.

The warmth of laughter coming through the speakers and the joy emanating of your screen is something that’s hard to explain in the present when the so much of video’s immense value comes from the future use of it.

While it is true your video won’t be hung up around your house like your photography will be, it’s the rarity of your viewing the video that makes the impact on your life so special, powerful, and practically magical (like a holiday).

You don’t have to see it every single day for it to be worthy of having.

Don’t treat it like it’s an expensive pair of pants you might wear once or twice. Ask yourself what your wedding video can bring to your life. What can you see happening that it can help you with.

Everyone deserves a little magic in their life.


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