One of the biggest questions while planning a wedding is
Should we get a wedding video?

September 17, 2017


Yes, and this is why…

Not getting a wedding film is the single biggest regret I hear from newlyweds.

They wish they had their wedding day on video.

I’ve heard every possible reason why a couple may turn down the opportunity to have their wedding day filmed. Everything from, “It’s not in our budget” to “I don’t think we’ll ever watch it.”

But when the festivities have ended and the last guest has said their goodbyes most newlyweds turn to each other and wonder what just happened. There’s so much you’ll have missed and you don’t think about that in advance (and why would you, really). There are guests that newlyweds didn’t get to spend as much time with as they wanted to, they never got to see cocktail hour, or the reactions of your guests as you walk down the aisle.

It’s our job to be in the places you aren’t so you don’t miss a single detail about your wedding.

Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye.

Your wedding day is a deeply orchestrated event and there is a strict schedule to be kept. You are going to be pulled in 18 different directions by your photographer will need to continue your photos, family will want to give you well-wishes, the DJ needs to know when you want to do the first dance, etc.

There are going to be people at your wedding you didn’t even get to see.

And even though photographs are a great way to remember some of the beautiful sights, nothing will make you feel like you’re there again like a wedding film.

A well produced wedding film that brings the sights and sounds back to you will have you overcome with emotion at every sitting.

Nothing else will make you relive every dance move, every laugh and every tearful word, like your very own wedding video. Photographs can’t do that. Even friend’s iPhone video snippets can’t do that.

Why can’t an amateur videographer do the same thing as a pro?

Remember that strict schedule I mentioned earlier? It’s no joke. You *think* you know what that day is going to be like but nothing can quite prepare you for what is coming for today’s modern weddings.

A professional videographer knows exactly where to be at all times. They have assistants and second shooters.

They know the traditional moments to capture and a great filmmaker will be able to sense the personal moments to capture. Moment’s that no one else would think to film.

A professional wedding film instantly recalls all of the wonderful moments that you experienced but had forgotten and even reveals so much of the day that you simply missed.

A college kid with a camera, a sweet friend, whoever is doing the favor… doesn’t have that kind of timeline awareness.

Size (er… length) of your wedding film matters

Many couples recall their parents wedding films that are 2+ hours long and think, “Good God, I’m never going to watch that more than once.” And I can’t say I blame them.

Great wedding videos aren’t like that.

Modern wedding films take you through every moment—from getting your dress on to the last dance—in under 30 minutes so it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing your friends to sit through an epic, full-length Lord of the Rings feature.

Your film will bring all those amazing memories back and do it in a way that is fun, refreshing and beautiful.

My aim is to make you want to hit the play button, again, as soon as you’re done watching it the first time. And then again, at least once, every year after.

So… should you get a wedding video?

I think everyone should get the best wedding video that their budget can afford. If your budget only allows for compilation videos shot by guests on iPod—go for it! If you can afford someone who’s more professional—do it!

And if you want to invest in an amazing keepsake that will be heirloom quality, hire someone with amazing credentials and you gel with (that part’s very important).

It doesn’t have to be me. But I do think it’s very important to have wedding video. Why else would I be doing it?



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