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Elegant Chic Cape Cod Wedding at Wequassett Resort | Bill + Caity

Catie and Bill were incredibly excited to have their wedding at Wequassett Resort on Cape Cod in May. Everything was planned perfectly. But they had yet to decide on whether or not to get a wedding videographer.

Wequassett Resort and Golf Club is rightfully known as the spot for luxury weddings on Cape Cod. It was ranked #5 on Forbes’ 10 Top Luxury Hotels for Weddings.

Located on Nantucket Sound, the resort offers everything you could want for an upscale coastal Cape Cod wedding.

They weren’t sure they wanted a wedding video

Bill was beyond excited to marry the love of his life. But like most grooms, being the center of attention wasn’t exactly something he was looking forward to. It was making him feel nervous and anxious.

The thought of adding yet another set of cameras to their wedding just seemed impossibly overwhelming to him. But Catie and Bill knew, as gorgeous and important as wedding photos are, a wedding film would provide a different point of view.

A wedding video would bring them back to the sights and sounds and maybe even reveal parts of the day they weren’t able to see before. And so they decided a wedding film was inevitable. But it was an absolute must that the wedding videographer they hired respect their personal space so they could be present with one another.

How we Addressed their wedding video fears and reassured them

We spoke to Catie’s mom. We spoke to Catie. And to Bill. We made sure to listen to every concern and promised to be respectful in every regard.

We walked everyone through our entire process of filming the day. From how each part of the day was filmed to exactly what would be filmed.

To put them further ease, we attended the wedding rehearsal at Saint Christopher’s to show them where we would be positioned during their ceremony. They got to see, first hand, how we wouldn’t be in anyone’s way.


Catie & Bill’s wedding day finally arrived and it went off without a hitch and they looked like royalty. The ceremony was held at Saint Christopher’s in Chatham on Main Street. The wedding was so pretty and the bells rang out so loudly it seemed straight out of a fairytale.

Their golden retriever puppy, Remy, was onsite for morale support, doling out lots of furry hugs, and plenty of wet puppy kisses.


Delicious Desserts handcrafted a wedding cake to look like a quintessential Nantucket basket in honor of Catie’s grandmother, who had recently passed.

Best of all, no one ever knew we were there except when we flew our drone over Pleasant Bay. It was a perfect night. A night to remember by all.

We chose Harborview Studios for their knowledge of Wequassett Resort and the Cape Cod area in general, as well as their extremely approachable demeanor and very kind personalities.
Wequassett Resort Wedding bride and groom smiling
Catie & Bill
Catie & Bill, Wequassett Wedding Couple


We couldn’t be happier or more honored you trusted us to film your wedding, to be a respectful partner on your biggest day, and to craft a lifetime of memories for you.

Thank you for having us be a part of your day!

Incredible vendors who made this wequassett wedding day a dream come true

Venue: Wequassett Resort & Golf Clubcoordinator: Kalson Pang | Hair & make-up: Bluxe Hair & Makeup | Flowers: Beach Plum Floral | Photography: Kelly Cronin Photography | Video: Harborview Studios Wedding Films | Cake: Delicious Desserts | Invitations: The Pink Polka Dot

I’m so glad you made it down to the bottom!

I can tell you’re a person who’s excited about their wedding and loves wedding videos…

And because you did, I have a feeling you might be someone who is getting married on Cape Cod because you, too, have a special connection here. And you want your wedding film to be a true representation of your big day. The ceremony, the party, Cape Cod—all of it. 

If that sounds right—Sean and I invite you to get in touch with us and tell us what your vision is for your big day. We’d love to support your ideas and create a gorgeous film for you to pass down through the generations.

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