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We're not just husband and wife; we're best friends who fell in love. Our story began in New York and New Jersey, eventually finding our way a permanent home on Cape Cod with our four-legged family in tow. While this serene coastal haven is our home base, our passion for wedding cinematography takes us all across the gorgeous landscapes of New England and the East Coast.

Our two hearts revel in the art of storytelling. We document each wedding day while immersing ourselves in the unique perspective of every couple to achieve our goal: craft a film that is unequivocally and authentically "you."

Cape Cod

Why did  we choose

Cape Cod is not just a place to us; it's a reflection of who we are. That's why we chose to make it our home. Its unique charm and timeless beauty resonate with us on a profound level.

Having had such fond memories of summering here, after we got married, it became the only place where we want to create new memories and build a life together.

We understand the pull of Cape Cod & the Islands, the irresistible draw that makes couples choose this enchanting destination for their weddings. It's more than just a location; it's an embodiment of love, nostalgia, and the promise of a beautiful future.

We feel privileged to be part of this journey with couples who share our passion for Cape Cod, as they, too, begin their new life together in this captivating place.


Warm, sensitive, and laid-back, we bring a touch of humor to every moment when the occasion calls for it. Yet, we are also a steadfast source of calm for our couples and their families on their wedding day.

the calm you need

Efficiency is our guiding principle. We believe that by meticulously managing every detail, we create a seamless experience for our couples, allowing them to savor every moment of their wedding day without interruption or delay.

impeccable efficiency

We take the time to understand your priorities. Whether you dream of an intimate, candid portrayal or a grand, sweeping narrative, we work closely with you to craft a film that aligns perfectly with your unique vision and decor.


simple Kindness

Putting ourselves in your shoes we go the extra mile, finding ways to delight you when you least expect it. Kindness is the foundation of our experience. Such a simple thing to offer but also one of the most impactful.


the Harborview Studios

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They made us feel like cameras weren't even there

My husband and I are both camera shy, but honestly Cindy and Sean made us feel like cameras weren't even there.

They go above and beyond not just on the wedding day, but in the months and weeks leading up to it as well!

They do everything to make sure their couples know what to expect from them, and that doesn't go unnoticed! 

Jess & Sean

Dune at Wychmere Beach Club
Cape Cod