When you need a story for the ages, you hire a team who cares as much as you do

You’re here because you envision a wedding film with a little je ne sais quoi. 

Get ready to experience videography as one of the most delightful and stress-free aspects of your wedding planning

The standard wedding video that's overly directed, cheesy, and flooded with filters isn't for you. (And we couldn't agree more.)

Forget the overwhelm of losing your days to endless YouTube scrolling and the headache of confusing options. Today, you’ve found your ally.

With us, choosing a wedding videographer isn’t just another box to tick. We simplify the process, ensuring it's as smooth as it is exciting. This means you can focus on what really matters—enjoying the fleeting season of being engaged.

Award-winning wedding filmmakers/animal sanctuary wannabes who—on one frustrating New Jersey evening—said, "Why do we live here? We should just move to Cape Cod..."—and never once looked back. Now we do that thing where you live the life you never have to vacation from. 

Clients have said that we're "#couplesgoals," "exactly who you'd want to have with you on your wedding day," and my personal favorite, simply "Cindy for President!!"

But, really, we're just happy you're here. We'd love it if you wrote us to introduce yourselves!

Hey there, I'm Cindy (with my husband and business partner, Sean)

Get to know our story

Our own love story began unexpectedly behind a deli counter in NJ, a simple meeting that grew into something extraordinary. Despite attending different colleges, our connection deepened through countless handwritten letters sent through the mail (talk about true romance). Each one strengthening our connection when hundreds of miles came between us.

This foundation of enduring love and heartfelt communication inspires our storytelling. We aim to capture every significant moment and emotion, creating films that are as timeless as they are personal.

Our couples value how we invite them to explore new elements to a wedding film and make them feel at ease; allowing us to document them authenticly and turn their wedding day into a cherished keepsake they watch hundreds of times over.

We don't just record moments; we celebrate your unique love story with the same dedication and passion that started ours.

The Beginning of Harborview Studios

"I have no words. I think I’ve watched it 50 times, thank you so much for capturing our day so beautifully!"

Because every love story deserves to be told


My husband and I are both camera shy

They go above and beyond not just on the wedding day, but in the months and weeks leading up to it as well!

They do everything to make sure their couples know what to expect from them, and that doesn't go unnoticed! 

Jess & Sean

Dune at Wychmere Beach Club
Cape Cod

Cindy and Sean made us feel like cameras weren't even there


Capturing life's beauty, naturally and memorably.


Crafting memories immune to the whims of trends.

Personal Connection

More than videography—we create lasting bonds.

Everyone is welcome here.

a Safe space

our values at a glance


Meeting you where you are in your journey.

Committed to every detail of your story.



Born to be a filmmaker. He grew up with a camera in his hand. His family videos are both timeless and epic rolled into one (a true feat before digital cameras). He's ridiculously calm, an amazing planner, and will casually throw out the best movie quote for every moment.

His favorite thing about Cindy is how excited he is to wake up just to be with her every morning.


Has lived everywhere from rural farm America to just outside of NYC. Adores animals and they adore her right back. For someone who talks so much, surprisingly, she's an introvert. She's spicy. Loves big. And laughs with her whole soul.

Her favorite thing about Sean is how incredibly next level thoughtful he is. 

Authenticity Never Looked So Good

Embrace sincerity, radiate beauty

Every love story is uniquely fascinating, filled with twists and turns. Life’s imperfections don’t diminish its beauty; they enhance it.

This shift in perception reveals the true power of your story. Your journey isn't just interesting—it’s compelling, and your genuine self is strikingly beautiful, even if you might not see it yet.

Being an introvert is a superpower

Listen intently, reflect thoughtfully

By focusing on what truly matters to you, we create a film that resonates with your personal narrative, making every moment meaningful.

This approach ensures that the essence of your relationship is captured just as you live it—deeply felt and beautifully real. 

transcending Momentary trends

Timeless in Appeal. Eternal in Significance.

We craft your wedding film with a timeless lens and true to life colors, capturing emotions and moments that defy trends and truly define your day.

This ensures your film remains heartfelt and relevant, transcending the fleeting and the temporal.

Our commitment: a film that resonates deeply today and continues to evoke joy and love, generation after generation.

The things we believe in

Steph & Chris, Martha's Vineyard wedding

they have a way of capturing moments as they unfold with a quiet elegance.

You want a timeless film your friends and family are going to rave over

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