At Harborview Studios, we create more than wedding videos, we help create your legacy. 

Build memories with your wedding video


Patty and Robert heard their wedding day would go fast but they didn’t realize it would go by THAT fast. The whole day was a blur and they felt like they missed most of their own wedding.

They were so happy when they got their wedding video back and were able to see all the moments that they missed. Now they're able to enjoy their entire wedding day from start to finish. 

Wedding videos help remind couples how close they are


Brian says he and his wife Mary have watch their wedding video on the 5th of every month (the day they got married) which has created a lasting tradition that started 3 years ago!

He loves how it makes them feel as close to each other as they were on their wedding day.

Wedding videos help to normalize LGBTQ weddings within the nation


Wedding videos serve as a wonderful memorial for family and friends who pass.


Erin was overjoyed to have a video time capsule that included her father who passed from cancer a year after her wedding.

Now their 16-month old son will be able to see exactly what his Paw Paw was like and feel like he knew him. 

Marriage wasn’t always a possibility for Sarah and Carrie and they wanted to make sure their love was securely documented in a way that cemented their place in history.

Now their daughter will always be able to watch her moms' wedding video knowing what a proud, historic moment it was for her parents to be able to to get married.

Harborview Studios is an award-winning, upscale boutique wedding cinematography studio specializing in modern wedding videos—located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

We're down-to-earth, local New Englanders who laugh heartily and love capturing real moments.

It bothers me that we live in a world where I have to make this a point but—we welcome EVERYONE at our studio: gay people, trans people, straight people, muslim people, christian people, jewish people, black people, white people—if you're a person, you are welcome here with open arms. 

If you're looking for a team of videographers who are approachable, silly, honest, relaxed, and can make you laugh—for any kind of celebration (wedding, vacation, baby shower, party)—then you're in the right place. Give us a shout, we look forward to knowing you.


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Harborview Studios | Award-winning New England Wedding Videography

Harborview Studios | Award-winning New England Wedding Videography