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We believe that the story behind your love belongs in your wedding memories. All the real moments are a part of how you got here today. 

The glow that shows up on your face as you retell your engagement story. The laughter and disbelief at how nervous you were when you first asked them out. How you blush with a smile as you talk about how awkward your first date was because you were trying so hard to impress them—and realizing just how far you've come since then. 

The magic of these small but real moments are evident to us because we live them every single day. We see how magical and transformative they are. These small things make a world of difference.   

We're not in the business of making films, we create stories. It's not about one big day, it's about a creating a lifetime of memories.

EVERY couple deserves a story that preserves their love

Wedding videography on Cape Cod | Martha's Vineyard | Nantucket | Boston, MA | Nationwide

We can't wait to hear your story

There's something You should know about us though...

We will show up early—that's just how we roll. 

It’s almost certain Cindy will cry at your wedding. It always happens during the vows. Every. Single. Time.

Sean will go out of his way to get a selfie with all of us together. (And to get a piece of cake... for Cindy.)

We will be laughing with you. A. lot. And maybe even getting some bad dancing in.

But making sure you have a fun and stress-free wedding isn't the only thing we care about...

We will care about your family and friends, because they’re important to you, they’re important to us, too. And we want to make sure they're happy.

Mostly, though, we'll care about you.

Whether that’s holding your heavy bouquet for you during photos, helping to pin those stubborn boutonnieres on, crying during your vows, making sure you're hydrated on a hot summer day, or just being your friends—we will treat your wedding like it’s our own.

And lastly, know that you’ll be leaving with new friends at the end of all of this.

photo by: paul blackmoore photography

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We're a husband and wife wedding videography team for joyful, heart-centered, fun-loving couples who have a special place in their hearts for Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket.

Deep in our hearts we're beach-loving, local restaurant explorers,  as long as we can do it side by side.

We're equally comfortable at home snuggling on the couch with our pets as we are exploring fabulous New England. We're rarely are we seen outdoors without our great big lab—Hooper, and we're are completely obsessed with pancakes and love stories. 

hello, friends! we're your filmmakers...

Cindy & Sean Caughey


The harborview Studios Couple

Natural light
Being on or near the ocean
Snuggling on the couch together
Smiling big
Laughing hard
Rewatching those movies
Your family
Sand between your toes

Dinner with friends
Long conversations
Each other

Exploring Cape Cod
Holding hands
Modern nautical decor
Hanging out with your dog
Homemade ice cream
Coffee with a friend
Did we mention cake


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If you feel like you're a couple that has a similar style as ours, we would love to film your wedding!

We’re looking for couples that genuinely love Cape Cod and the Islands as much as we do. Couples who are as laid back, fun-loving, and unafraid to be themselves as we are—because we know that those are the stories we excel at telling.

We are looking to book more weddings and elopements that are interested in telling their whole story to create a unique and special heirloom to enjoy forever.