Maybe you're planning an over-the-top reception for hundreds of guests in an elegant venue, or maybe you're into a classic low key vibe, sharing intimate moments with your closest friends and family on a warm summer evening at a private residence. 

Whatever your wedding vision, we make sure your wedding film expresses all of your beautiful personality—the love you share together, your fun and unique quirks, and all the genuine moments with family and friends. 

Our signature style focuses on the core of your relationship while also getting all the important details of the day resulting in a keepsake that you'll be able to pass on for generations. All of the big moments along with the small, stolen moments make your memory come alive with emotion.

To make your wedding film as special and accurate as possible, it's important to get to know you and your fiancé so that we can tailor your video, impeccably capturing your warmth and personality. 

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wedding location: Chatham Bars Inn

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The idea of being natural and uninhibited in front of a bunch of strangers holding cameras is not always an easy concept. And it's one of the biggest reasons why people are afraid to get a wedding film. It can feel awkward and even a little bit scary to be in front of a video camera. 

We get it.

Which is why it's so important to us that you feel comfortable and natural when we work with you.

A big part of our process is developing a personal connection with you well before your wedding. We get to know your story inside & out and what's import to you. 

Because that's when your true self is revealed. That's when it's impossible to be anything but radiant. 

wedding location: private residence, owner's boat yard

We want you to feel heard and supported

This day is so important and these memories are the ones that will be with you forever. We're dedicated to your wedding vision and are committed to making your wedding film vision a reality. 

At the same time, we here to help you laugh, be shoulders to lean on, and celebrate the whole wedding process up to and beyond your big day.

You never knew you could have this much fun in front of a camera.

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