At Harborview Studios, we create more than wedding videos...

we help establish your legacy. 


Harborview Studios is a modern, upscale wedding cinematography studio

We specialize in modern, short-form wedding videos—Located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. You'll find that we're down-to-earth New Englanders that love to laugh heartily with you and look for those special moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. 


We welcome EVERYONE at our studio

Gay people, trans people, straight people, Muslim people, Christian people, Jewish people, black people, white people, dog people, cat people, people who love the ocean, people who love the mountains—if you're a person, you are welcome here with open arms.

If you're looking for a team of videographers who are approachable, silly, honest, relaxed, and can make you laugh—for any kind of celebration (wedding, vacation, baby shower, party)—then you're in the right place.

Give us a shout, we look forward to knowing you.

photo credit: Shoreshotz Photography
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Sean Caughey | Boston Wedding Videographer | Harborview Studios