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Modern Wedding films

Creating timeless wedding films for couples on Cape Cod, Nantucket,
Martha's Vineyard, Boston, Newport, Providence, and all of New England.

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Your wedding memories are our priority

Welcome to Harborview Studios where your wedding memories are our top priority.
We've been creating unique wedding films for loving couples on Cape Cod, Boston and New England since 2008.

Based in Centerville Massachusetts, we specialize in natural and timeless wedding films on the Cape and all over New England. 


What our wedding films are like

Every wedding is different—whether you want to give your guests the party-of-a-lifetime or choose to have an intimate celebration to enjoy some relaxed, informal moments with select friends and family—a wedding video is the best way to preserve and relive your wedding memories. 

Each of our custom films are professionally shot and edited with our signature style giving you a short-form, feature film that will fill your heart and soul hearty laughs and tears of joy while you re-experience all of your wedding's important moments (your ceremony, introductions, first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting) interwoven with the smaller special moments of the day (your stolen kisses, quick glances, and candid moments).

Watching your wedding film will remind you how incredible your life is—that it's filled with fun, romance, beauty and style—year after year and it's digital processing ensures that it can be passed along and shared with future generations.


Why couples love our wedding videos.

We're well known in the wedding industry for our custom handcrafted cinematic storytelling technique, a unique artistic style that tells your story in a way that moves your heart and soul.

When you get one of our custom wedding films, you get a timeless production that is both deeply natural, personal, and highly cinematic.

This signature editing style is what makes our wedding films utterly binge-worthy.


Your wedding videography team

What it's like to work with us and why our wedding films stand out from the rest.


What it's like to work with
our professional wedding videography team

We have filmed some of the highest end luxury weddings in locations such as Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA; and intimate gatherings in rustic barns like Stoney Hill Road House in Martha's Vineyard—for more than 10 years. 


From the beginning of the booking process to delivery of your final film—communication and transparency are our priority—we don't ever want you to feel like you're left in the dark. 

We go to great lengths to make sure you're comfortable and have all the knowledge you need for booking a wedding video—from your concerns about the filming process to delicate family situations that may be present during your day.


We're a boutique studio and we only take one wedding a day, meaning you'll always be working with the owners of the studio and our hand-selected talented team.

We love the peace-of-mind it gives our couples that the people they bonded with during the pre-wedding process are the same fun people who are going to be with them all day during their wedding—making us one of the easiest decisions you'll ever make. 


The best films are the ones that evolve naturally while you're engaged with your guests and new spouse. It goes without saying that we're not your stereotypical wedding videographers. 

As self-proclaimed introverts, we know how exhausting it can be to have cameras pointed at you all day. 

We've made an art out of keeping a respectful distance while filming your wedding so that you can continue to have the time of your lives by yourselves and with your guests with little to no intrusion from us. 

Working this way allows your wedding film to unfold naturally, without any instruction from us. Your story is perfectly preserved exactly the way you are. No false pretenses or playing pretend with set scenarios.

Your wedding video is 100% authentically you.