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Filmmakers for destination weddings

for best friends in love who want unforgettable memories of family, friends, and tradition

for best friends in love who cherish their family, friends, and tradition

Boston | Cape Cod | Newport | Martha's Vineyard | Nantucket | East Coast

create something that will last forever

You're looking for a wedding film that feels timeless, ageless, and a perfect representation of you.

But you're not looking for just any East Coast wedding videographer, you're looking for a team who will capture every moment without sacrificing your experience

You've come to the right place. Our films are crafted to celebrate your roots, the journey ahead, and the personal moments that define your love.

With your ride-or-dies standing by your side and a very special (and likely furry) ring bearer—this day is a tribute to your past and a celebration of your future.

On your wedding day, the same hands that guided your first steps will lead you down the aisle to join hands with The One you can't imagine your life without.

We create wedding films for best friends in love LOOKING FOR THEIR MEMORIES TO BE MADE


Welcome to Harborview Studios

The goal:

Walk down memory lane with us

photo by: kelly cronin photography

We capture your fleeting moments with over two decades of wedding film expertise (I know, we look so young—it's excellent genes).

Our greatest responsibility as your cinematographers, is not only to preserve your memories, but to represent the real you. 

With a focus on seamless execution, your wedding film isn't just stunning to watch, but a joy to experience in real time. Trust us to handle the details so you can live fully in each moment of your special day.


the filmmakers




we'll even snag the best shots of your dog if they make a guest appearance. 

Ready to capture every laugh, tear, and dance move

AND we're here for it

You want a timeless film that shows you in your element

You don’t just want any film; you’re looking for one that captures the spirit of who you are—a film that’s uniquely yours.

Whether it’s showcasing the joy of your reception or focusing on the intimate reasons behind your special day, the heart of your film lies in the genuine, spontaneous emotions shared with loved ones.

It’s about capturing those real, often overlooked moments that are rich with meaning.

The great news? Our tailored approach ensures every aspect of your story is beautifully preserved, creating a film as authentic and unique as your own journey.

Chatham wedding

Melissa & Fitz

Watch their film

I am speechless! Fitz and I watched our film over the weekend and were transported back to the best day of our lives! Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and for creating such an amazing film.


Steph & Chris, Martha's Vineyard wedding

they have a way of capturing moments as they unfold with a quiet elegance.

A timeless film that captures your essence.

A story told with genuine emotion and intimate details.

A wedding video that becomes an instant family classic.

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