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Perfect storytelling through wedding videography

Have you ever scrolled through YouTube or Instagram and found yourself crying at other people's wedding videos? (Maybe even become addicted to it?) How does that happen when you don't even know these couples?

The magic is storytelling.


Why our wedding videos are so addictive.

We're well known in the wedding industry for our handcrafted cinematic storytelling technique, a unique artistic style that tells your story in a way that moves you.

Life is made up of small, seemingly ordinary moments; peppered with milestone events. 

When you get one of our custom wedding films, you get a timeless production that has some of your life's biggest moments interwoven with the seemingly ordinary parts of your day creating an extraordinary wedding film that is both deeply natural, personal, and highly cinematic. 

Shorter wedding trailers are perfect for online sharing and our longer feature films are great for binge watching over drinks and apps making it a perfect for gathering with friends and family. 


Your wedding videography team

What it's like to work with us and why our films are different.


What it's like to work with our wedding videography team

Communication and transparency are our priority—we don't ever want you to feel like you're left in the dark on any part of the process.

We're down to earth, love to laugh, and easy to talk to about anything—from your concerns about video to delicate family situations that will be present during your day.

We're a boutique studio and we only take one wedding a day, meaning you'll always be working with the owners of the studio and our talented team.

The people you talk to during the process leading up to your wedding day are going to be the same people who are there to film you through your entire wedding day. 

The best films are the ones that evolve naturally while you're engaged with your guests and new spouse. It goes without saying that we're not your stereotypical wedding videographers. 

We don't push our cameras into your face or shine bright lights at you while you're having a special moment. And we're always making sure your photographer is getting their shots, too. 


What our wedding films are like

Each of our custom films are professionally shot and edited with our signature style giving you an end film that will fill your heart and soul hearty laughs and tears of joy while you re-experience all the big moments and the smaller special moments, stolen kisses, quick glances, and first dances.

Your wedding film will remind you how incredible your life is—that it's filled with fun, romance, beauty and style—year after year and it's digital processing ensures that it can be passed along and shared with future generations.