because templated wedding films are super... meh.

wedding films that are colorful, vibrant, and lively just like you

No matter how big or small your wedding is it's guaranteed to be chock-full of sentimentality, emotions, and a whole lot of fun. Crafting cinematic stories that capture everything couples experience as they celebrate throughout their wedding day is what lights us up. And we want to be there for you so you can experience your wedding day again and again—reliving all of those incredible memories and having them feel exactly the same as they did the first time. 

Our natural + comfortable approach to filming combined with our classic + timeless creative style, allows us to capture and create a stunning organic wedding film that will have you vividly reliving your wedding as if it were yesterday—no matter how many years have passed.

We primarily film on Cape Cod & the Islands but we're thrilled to travel wherever your story takes us. 

Wedding videography on Cape Cod | Martha's Vineyard | Nantucket | Boston | New England 


feeling completely comfortable with us as your filmmakers 

free to be yourselves in front of our cameras

watching a film that perfectly captures your wedding & personalities

Not sure a wedding film is really for you?

imagine if you will...

We know that weddings can make people feel a little more vulnerable and overwhelmed than usual. There's a lot of love on display that day—which we love—but it can feel like it's a little much sometimes. 

Your day and film are all about you and we respect your emotions. We don't manipulate or exploit the feelings you have on display to make it anything other than it was that perfect day.

Captivating stories
Being on or near the ocean
Snuggling on the couch together
Smiling big
Laughing hard
Rewatching those movies
Your family
Wiggling your toes in the sand
Kayaking on a warm day

Dinner with friends
Exploring Cape Cod
Long conversations
Being pet parents
Holding hands
Dad jokes
Everything about cake
Skiing... the snow kind
Homemade ice cream
Coffee with a friend
Did we mention cake
Each other

Transparency is paramount to us. We'll never leave you feeling like you're in the dark. 

Showing up early is our jam and being there for you is important to us. 

We believe in organic smiles, erasing all your fears & worries, and having as much fun as possible. 

Beginning, middle, and end—we're here to make you feel seen, heard, and supported.

We think There's something You should know about us though...

who are these exceptionally cool people?

we're your filmmakers

photos by: kelly cronin photography


Being a husband and wife team, we're two people with two “why’s” behind what we do. For Sean, he loves cinematography and telling our couples’ stories through film. And for (me) Cindy, it’s all about the sentimentality and emotions that people experience as they cherish and enjoy their wedding films.

But for both of us, it’s our way to serve people. We’re both lit up by being able to help others, and capturing cherished memories for you that will last a lifetime is the way we have chosen to do so.

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If you feel like you're a couple that has a similar style as ours, we would love to film your wedding!

We’re looking for couples that genuinely love Cape Cod and the Islands as much as we do. Couples who are as laid back, fun-loving, and unafraid to be themselves as we are—because we know that those are the stories we excel at telling.

We are looking to book more weddings and elopements that are interested in telling their whole story to create a unique and special heirloom to enjoy forever.