Should you get a wedding video?

Recently, I was filming a wedding when I overheard a conversation between the groom and his best man.

The best man was asking the groom where he found me and the groom told him. Then the best man told the groom something very interesting. He said, with sincere regret in his voice, that he wished he and his wife had hired a videographer for their wedding.

It’s a moment I wish I had recorded. But it’s a story I tell often.

It may be the single biggest regret I hear from couples that are already married.

They wish they had their wedding day on film. I’ve heard every possible reason why a couple may turn down the opportunity to have their wedding day filmed. Everything from, “It’s not in our budget” to “I don’t think we’ll ever watch it.”  

Yet once the festivities have ended, and the last guest has said their goodbyes, most newlyweds turn to each other and wonder what just happened.

My point is, the day flies by quicker than you can possibly imagine.

And even though photographs are a great way to remember some of the beautiful sights, nothing will make you feel like you’re there again like a wedding film.

A well produced wedding film will not only bring the sights back but the sounds as well. Nothing will make you relive every dance move, every laugh and every tearful word, like your very own wedding movie. Photographs can’t do that. Even friend’s iPhone video snippets can’t do that.

Why can’t amateur video do the same thing?

A professional videographer knows exactly where to be at all times. They know the traditional moments to capture and a great filmmaker will be able to sense the personal moments to capture. Moment’s that no one else would think to film.

A professional wedding film instantly recalls all of the wonderful moments that you experienced but had forgotten and even reveals so much of the day that you simply missed. And many modern wedding films take you through every moment—from getting your dress on to the last dance—in under 30 minutes.

There is no longer a reason for your friends to dread having to sit through an epic, Lord of the Rings sized feature. Your film will bring all those amazing memories back and do it in a way that is fun, refreshing and beautiful.

My aim is to make you want to hit the play button, again, as soon as you’re done watching it the first time. And then again, at least once, every year after. 

Need more help?

Download our super helpful worksheet to narrow down if a wedding video is TRULY right for you.

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