Should I hire a wedding videographer for my small wedding?

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You have the dream photographer but should you hire a wedding videographer for your small wedding? We go deep and answer all your questions.


Should I Hire A Wedding Videographer For My Small Wedding?

You’ve hired your dream wedding photographer to capture all your special moments but should you also hire a wedding videographer for your small wedding?

My wedding got downgraded in size

Should I still have it filmed or will that be too overwhelming?

You may have wanted to have a large wedding, but something made you reconsider your plans (IDK, something like a global pandemic that restricted the number of guests you’re allowed to have), and now your big wedding has turned into a micro wedding. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a smaller, more intimate event because small and intimate is how you roll.

Regardless of the reason, you want to know if you should have a videographer capture these memories for you. So let’s dig into this and find out if these are the kind of memories worth saving now that they’re smaller.

Bethany’s boutique micro wedding that was downsized from 200+ to 20 because of the pandemic

Is it worth it to film a small wedding?

with 50 people or less—do you need to invest in a wedding video?

Is it worth it to spend a few thousand dollars to have an event filmed with 50 or less in attendance? When you find out how much a videographer is (and most don’t know what a videographer costs—I mean, why would you), you realize that it’s a significant investment, like photos.

Small weddings tend to have a more subdued atmosphere because fewer people are attending. Or they’re a second+ wedding, and the attendees are a bit older, and therefore the party isn’t as killer as it’d be with 300 of your closest friends who are around 25 years old. And in the case of an elopement—it’s even more intimate.

You probably think that you’ve already hired a lovely photographer and photos will be enough. But should you splurge on a videographer, too? Not getting a wedding film is the biggest regret of 95% of married couples. But do you want to spend more money?

I think we’re asking this question the wrong way, so let’s flip it on its head. It’ll help you think clearer and focus on what causes regret (hint: it’s not the money spent). 

Why wouldn’t you want your small wedding filmed?

Small Wedding or Large—it’s still a significant life moment for you

You’re getting MARRIED to the love of your life (presumably… I mean, if you don’t love them, then maybe skip the video). Getting married is a big deal. It’s a major life event.

And you’re probably sharing this moment with a few dozen of your closest friends and family. (Which is saying something in this era of 1800 social media friends. These people are your CLOSEST.)

Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to hear their voices again? Hear your wedding vows again? See everyone you love at the prime of their lives again?

Photos can cover some of this, but if you’re here,  you already know that photography doesn’t hold a candle to the kind of memories that a wedding film can provide you.

Never mind just wanting to relive details that you’re personally excited about. Maybe you’re like one of our Chatham Bars Inn brides, Amanda, who was enamored with the idea of having a caviar bar. To her, that was the coolest thing and she wanted plenty of that in her photos and videos. What YOU want to remember matters.

A wedding film is the only way to truly relive a memory word for word and step for step. Keep in mind that small doesn’t mean insignificant.

When you look at it that way—it is worth getting a videographer for your small wedding.

Wedding films are a bonding experience

Sharing Your Film Allows People To Feel Like They Were At Your Micro Wedding (Even When They Weren’t).​

A great wedding video puts the viewer in the front row of your wedding. And although they weren’t in attendance, they can feel like they were there with you.

They get to experience all the events—they get to see you say your vows, have your kiss, see all the beautiful decor you spent so much time on, and let’s not forget how exceptionally special toasts are.

Wedding films are a fantastic way to share your experience with others and create a bond with them.

And that isn’t even including the option to have it streamed live (which you totally could do—provided there’s strong enough wifi).

Will a wedding videographer be overwhelming?

Is it possible for videographers to be unobtrusive at a small wedding

It’s a lot easier for us to blend into a large crowd, for sure. But the truth is, we’re always going to be as visible as your photographer(s) are. We’re always visible to your guests regardless of the size of your wedding. It just depends on the filming style of your videographers.

Some, like us, keep their distance. Others get right on top of you because of the way their signature looks are created.

But at Harborview Studios, we do our best to keep our distance because we want to capture your memories, not necessarily be a part of them. We want you and your guests to enjoy and be present in the moment. So no matter how visible we are, we’re always trying to keep a respectful distance.

When you interview studios, ask them this point-blank. Please don’t be shy about it. If it’s important to you then you need to ask—and ask until you feel like you truly understand. We’re professionals; we can take it. (And if they can’t take it, that’s a huge red flag, don’t hire them.)

Small Wedding Days Are Still Intense And Hard To Remember

Surprisingly, intimate wedding days still go by in a flash

One thing couples don’t expect is the incredibly high adrenaline of the day. You know the adrenaline rush is coming; you know it’ll be there. But it’s still a surprise how intense it is.

And even though your wedding is small, being the center of attention means you’ll still be in high demand, and your wedding day will be a blur.

Even people with the best of the best memories won’t remember their wedding day.

What do you want to remember?

What memories of your wedding day are important to you?

Try to think about how you’d like to remember your wedding after it’s over. Take into consideration if, like me, you have dementia in your family because these memories aren’t going to remain sharp as you get older.

Will it be important to you to:

  • Have crystal clear memories of that day.
  • Hear your vows whenever you want.
  • See people closest to you dancing.
  • Hear people closest to you laughing.
  • Remember the exact way you were looking at each other as you came down the aisle.
  • Hear the toasts given by friends and family.
  • Be able to share how fun this day was with future tiny family members.

Then, absolutely — yes, you need a wedding video for your small wedding.

Yes, it’s important to film your small wedding

Even if it’s not the biggest deal to you, it’s a surprisingly huge deal to everyone else

In the end, it’s not just an experience for you. It’s an experience for your whole family. It’s an experience for your friends. And if you choose to have them, it’ll be an experience for your kids one day.

You’ll be surprised how many people will be binge-watching your wedding video as much as you do.

I hope this has helped you figure out if you need a video for your small wedding.

And if you want to talk to us about filming your boutique micro wedding (anywhere on Cape Cod or New England) as Bethany did, we’d be incredibly flattered. You can jump over to our Contact Page or fill out the form right under this post.


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