Should I hire a wedding videographer for my small wedding?

February 15, 2018


Cindy Caughey

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Making the decision to have a small wedding is no small feat.

I, for one, admire your choice.

There are so many cool reasons to consider a small wedding.

You can coordinate a crazy dreamy location like Iceland, Tuscany or something with more familial significance to you and yours for those closest to you (like Cape Cod). You can choose to have more parties with a more manageable number of guests. So 👏 many 👏 reasons.👏

And you might think that there’s significantly less drama.

Unfortunately, a small wedding isn’t entirely drama-free.

Amazingly enough, you still have to deal with the aftermath.

When you decide to have a small wedding, you’ve decided to cut a lot of people out.

Whether that looks like an extended family of 300 that were cut from the list, one side of the family being represented more than the other, or just that one special someone in your life that will never forget that they weren’t on your list (and will also never let you forget that).

The drama is still there and it still has to be dealt with.

And if you’re someone who hates to deal with conflict this is a living nightmare that will have you breaking out in hives.

There is a way around this that will make everyone feel like they were there.

To ease the sting of that decision, a wedding video can help others feel like they attended.

Sure, you’ll have photographs of the day. But it’s not the same. Gorgeous. But not the same.

A great wedding video puts the viewer in the front row. And although they weren’t in attendance they can feel like they were there with you.

They get to experience your vows and all the perfect touches that you created to make your wedding so special for yourselves. It shows them a new side of you that they maybe weren’t involved with before.

Even BIGGER points scored for having one (or two) amazing viewing parties to create a shared experience your friends. By sharing the video in person it gives your friends and family a way to give you all the hugs and adoration they wanted to give you on your biggest day.

It’s a fantastic way to bond with those who weren’t there.

And instead of potentially alienating people you don’t want to hurt (rejection hurts, no matter how small) a wedding video can even strengthen a bond between friends because you’re actively finding a way to involve them.

Is it worth hiring a wedding studio for such a small event? Would it be overwhelming?

That depends entirely on your own personal preference. There’s no way I can speak for what can overwhelm you.

But I can tell you from our experience working with small weddings and shy introverted couples; as you begin to be involved in your day, we fade into the background because you’re busy having fun.

We’ve filmed many small and intimate weddings for couples.

Some of these weddings were just a handful of immediate family members getting together for a short ceremony and the rest of the day was spent having fun, messing around in the pool, playing games with each other and no formal reception.

Others were blending two families into one and wanted to make a meaningful connection for the children of both parents.

Still others chose to splurge on their location but just to host a few dozen people that meant the world to them.

But the thing these couples all had in common was that filming their small wedding was about capturing a moment they never want to forget. A glorious day of fun and togetherness that they will always share.

So for all the reasons there are of to get a wedding video for a small wedding, in the end, it’s not just an experience for you. (Although, that is great in and of itself.)

One of the best reasons to get a wedding video for a small (or large) wedding is to share your day with people who weren’t there with you that day in a way that they’ll always be able to remember.

You’ll be surprised how many people will be binge watching your wedding video as much as you do.


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