Fun-filled wedding at Wychmere Beach Club

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Cindy Caughey

June 3, 2019

Wychmere Beach Club was the perfect setting for Kelley & Geordie’s wedding. It has an understated glamour that combines effortlessly with Cape Cod’s natural nautical chic vibe.

With loads of personal history on Cape Cod, their sun-kissed beach wedding ceremony and the fit these two down-to-earth, funny people like a glove.

We’re so crazy in love with all of their big expressions, big dance moves, and the big revelation the greatest band of all time (dropped right in their wedding vows).

From their custom vows that effortlessly alternate tearful professions with hilarious proclamations to the high-energy dancing from every. single. dance. in the entire wedding… your heart is guaranteed to explode in happiness like fluttery paper confetti dots when you watch their wedding highlight film.

Congratulations, Kelley and Geordie! We already know you have all the happiness in the world, we just wish you tons more of it.

Must-see moments in Kelley & Geordie’s wedding video:

  • The heart-felt custom vows where Geordie gives a shout out to the greatest band in the world [0:06]
  • Their high-energy first dance that is like no other wedding first dance [0:47]
  • Kelley’s dad reveals a funny detail of their unrelenting love [1:03]
  • Kelley & Geordie’s first look on the beach where he proposed [1:28]
  • The look of two people who have never been happier than to be married to each other [1:58]
  • Father/daughter dance so rad that sets the dance floor on fire [2:06]
  • Geordie’s sisters singing their toast—yes, sing it [2:20]
  • The brother/sister dance you had no idea could be this badass (of course, it does help if your sister is a Broadway dancer) [3:13]

Incredible team involved in Kelley & Geordie’s wedding:

Venue: Wychmere Beach Club |…
Photographer: Studio K Photography |
DJ: Cape Tunes |
Flowers: Fancy Flowers by Meredith |

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