What to Consider Before Finalizing a Date for Your Cape Cod Destination Wedding

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Avoid planning headaches and find out what you need to know about picking a date for your destination wedding on Cape Cod.


When planning a Cape Cod destination wedding, there are a few things you need to consider when picking a date. Because we’re a popular summer destination, it can be a little more complicated to plan a wedding due to local events and vacation patterns.

We thought it’d be best to hear it from an expert. So we asked Jessica Hennessey of Jessica Hennessey Weddings (Emmy award-winning wedding planner for Cape Cod, Boston, and across New England) for her take on picking the perfect date for your Cape Cod wedding.

Jessica recommended four things to consider when picking a date for your Cape Cod destination wedding.

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The most popular dates for weddings on Cape Cod

“Hot dates” are different from year to year, but I’d say the months that book up fastest on-Cape are June and September. July and August tend to be much hotter, and summer rentals and lodging are harder to get. I also work a lot of estate weddings, and they do not rent out during that time.

Personally, I love end of May and June weddings. Celebrate at the beginning of the summer and relieve yourself of any planning duties, then celebrate your new marriage the rest of it!

Dates that come with unexpected challenges for a wedding

Definitely the Pan Mass Challenge in August and any holiday weekends. Pan Mass really puts a big roadblock in place (no pun intended) for transportation on, off, and around the Cape — which means your vendors may request extra nights stay, and if you are providing transportation for your guests, it will likely not run on time.

Holiday weekends are challenging due to the surge in lodging costs and traffic as well. And most vendors will charge a “premium weekend fee” for those.

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Dates to avoid when planning a wedding on Cape Cod

If you’re going to be (having your wedding) outside…

I’d avoid anything outside of May-September. October can be very cold at night—so unless you have ample heaters, it can be super uncomfortable for your guests.

Lesser-known dates that would make for an amazing wedding

Weekday weddings on the Cape are underrated!

If most of your guests are traveling, there will likely be at least a 2-night minimum on accommodations. Sometimes up to a week minimum during peak season!

Don’t rule out a Thursday or a Monday wedding.

Not only will you save on off-peak days, but most guests will welcome the chance to take an extra day or two and a little vacation if they are going to be traveling anyhow. And it gives you the weekend to relax and celebrate with them instead of cramming it all in!

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When should you start planning wedding on Cape Cod

I usually say 8-months is plenty, but a year or more will be a larger guarantee they get the venue and vendors they’re hoping for.

Your Cape Cod destination wedding

To learn more about Jessica Hennessey and her planning services for your own Cape Cod destination wedding that’s coming up, check out her website or follow her on Insta!

And if you’re thinking about getting a wedding video

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