The sun shined brightly on June 25th, lighting up Shyla and Dan’s perfect Nantucket farm wedding on Nantucket.

It was a setting among wildflower and an abundance of beautiful flowers and plants.

This intimate Cape Cod wedding of two best friends had everyone in awe over how much in love they were with each other.


Making the decision to have a small wedding is no small feat.

I, for one, admire your choice.

There are so many cool reasons to consider a small wedding.

You can coordinate a crazy dreamy location like Iceland, Tuscany or something with more familial significance to you and yours for those closest to you (like Cape Cod). You can choose to have more parties with a more manageable number of guests. So 👏 many 👏 reasons.👏

And you might think that there’s significantly less drama.

Unfortunately, a small wedding isn’t entirely drama-free.

Amazingly enough, you still have to deal with the aftermath.

When you decide to have a small wedding, you’ve decided to cut a lot of people out.

Whether that looks like an extended family of 300 that were cut from the list, one side of the family being represented more than the other, or just that one special someone in your life that will never forget that they weren’t on your list (and will also never let you forget that).

The drama is still there and it still has to be dealt with.

And if you’re someone who hates to deal with conflict this is a living nightmare that will have you breaking out in hives.

Wedding highlight trail shot on location at White Elephant Resort in Nantucket.

“Pick someone who is kind,” is what Ellie’s sister said in her maid of honor speech at this gorgeous Nantucket wedding.

Mike just happens to be the nicest person Ellie has ever met.

There was no shortage of smiles and laughter on this day that could easily be marked as one of the happiest days of Mike and Ellie’s lives.


Emily and Jesse decided on a rustic Cape Cod wedding is set deep in the heart of Falmouth at Coonamessett Farm where you can find alpacas, chickens, and rabbits surrounded by lush fields of hand grown produce.

With Insta-perfect burlap table runners, simple bouquets, and a lucky horseshoes—it was a beautiful and understated rustic chic setting for a small wedding on a farm. Emily and Jesse tied the knot among friends, family, and all of nature’s glory.