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Modern and creative high-end wedding films uniquely tailored to your wedding day.

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Harborview Studios is a modern, upscale wedding cinematography studio in the Boston area

We specialize in cinematic style short-form wedding videos. Located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, our boutique wedding film company services weddings throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and nationwide.

You'll find that our small team is made up of down-to-earth New Englanders that love to laugh heartily with you through out the day and are experts at finding life's special moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

If you're looking for a team of videographers who are approachable, authentic, relaxed, and can make you laugh even in times of high stress—then you're in the right place. 

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Because life's greatest moments deserve to be beautifully remembered.


We believe that wedding videos do more than record the events that take place...

Wedding films help to establish your family legacy.



Wedding videos help you to

recapture the moments of your wedding that you missed the first time.

bride and groom didn't get a chance to experience wedding day

Everyone told Patty and Robert that their wedding day would go fast—but they didn’t realize it would go by THAT fast.

The whole day was a blur and they felt like they missed most of their own wedding.

They were so happy when they got their wedding video back and were able to relive their happy memories and even see all the moments from their friends and family that they missed. 

The day went by so fast — it’s amazing to be able to go back and relive the day on film.

Sean even caught things that we didn’t get a chance to see, and it’s such a gift to get to see them now.
— Naima

wedding video helped bride and groom create new tradition strengthening their bond

Brian says he and his wife Mary have watch their wedding video on the 5th of every month (the day they got married) which has created a lasting tradition that started 3 years ago!

He loves how it makes them feel as close to each other as they were on their wedding day. Even though several years have passed, both he and his wife agree that watching their wedding film transports them back to their wedding day as if not a single moment has passed.

When we received our video, which was packaged wonderfully, and sat down to watch it we could not believe how great it came out.

We actually watched it about five times and have been playing it for friends and family when we have them over. We look forward to watching our special day for years to come!
— Jaime

Cinematography for your wedding

strengthens the love of everlasting bonds through new traditions.

Your wedding film can help to

reinforce historic moments of your lives.

Same Sex LGBT Wedding Videography | Harborview Studios

Marriage wasn’t always a possibility for Sarah and Carrie and they wanted to make sure their love was securely documented in a way that cemented their place in history.

When they expand their family, their children will always be able to watch their moms' wedding video knowing what a proud, historic moment it was for their parents to be able to to get married.

Sean has given us the best wedding gift ever!! Our wedding video is a professional depiction of our love story and truly portrays us as a couple.

In the end, our wedding video was like watching a beautiful movie. It will continue to make us laugh, cry, and reminisce about our most favorite day.
— Kaitlin

wedding video retains cherished memories of loved ones who have passed

Erin's  father passed away from cancer a year after her wedding. She was overjoyed that her wedding video perfectly preserved his personality and character. Even though he's gone, she's able to hear his voice and watch the touching moments they hand together.

And her 16-month old son will be able to see exactly what his grandpa was like and feel like he knew him. 

We relived the best moments of our wedding all the while getting choked up. The quality of our video is incredible and the delivery and presentation was stunning.

I will forever cherish this video and forever recommend hiring a videographer, and Harborview Studios, to any couple planning a wedding.
— Amanda

Wedding videography is there to

preserve your family memories to keep your family members close to you, always.