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Expertly articulating your love through your wedding video

Have you ever scrolled through YouTube or Instagram and found yourself crying at other people's wedding videos? (Maybe even become addicted to it?) You don't know these people... how does that happen?

The magic is in storytelling.


Why our wedding videos are so watchable.

You won't emotionally connect to your wedding video if your story line is missing.

Harborview Studios is known for our cinematic storytelling, a unique and artistic style that tells your story in a way that's clear, powerful, and moving.

We blend the seemingly ordinary with immensely special moments and make something that's extraordinary.

A wedding film so powerful, it transports you back to your most important day to relive incredible moments, remember details that were lost in the intensity of the day, and even reveal parts of your wedding that you didn't see before.

All that's missing from your wedding film experience is the champagne.


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What it's like to work with us and why our films are different.


What it's like to work with our wedding videography team

Communication and transparency are our priority—we don't ever want you to feel like you're left in the dark on any part of the process.

We're down to earth, love to laugh, and easy to talk to about anything—from your concerns about video to delicate family situations that will be present during your day.

We're a boutique studio and we only take one wedding a day, meaning you'll always be working with the owners of the studio and our talented team.

The people you talk to during the process leading up to your wedding day are going to be the same people who are there to film you through your entire wedding day. 


What our wedding films are like

Hearty laughs and tears of joy will fill your heart and soul while you re-experience all the big moments and the smaller special moments, stolen kisses, quick glances, and first dances.

We don't want your film to only be a wedding video, so we've refined our technique and storytelling into a product that will serve as a special gift to pick you up from some of your not-so-amazing days to remind you how incredible your life is—that it's filled with fun, romance, beauty and style. 

Our goal is to create a wedding film that you'll watch all the time, not just for a special occasion.