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We're ideal for the couples who want to have a connection with their wedding filmmakers so that they can have a unique and personal wedding film. 

You need to be able to feel free to be yourselves in front our cameras for us to give you a film that's all you. Laugh heartily, be silly, be sad; don't worry that a lens is pointed at you, you're among friends here. We're goofy ourselves and we want you to have fun with us.  

We love filming weddings and find joy in developing friendships with our couples that extend past their wedding day. Sean and I are they kind of people that easily recognize when you need a moment alone or know when it's the right time for a hearty full-belly laugh. 

The day that you book with us you'll be issued a link to your personal, password-protected Client Portal. It's a centralized hub for your wedding video contract, invoice, emails, and calendar. 

All packages include a sneak peek of your wedding video, sent to you via digital download up to 7 days after your wedding. We'll also upload a blog post featuring your wedding film, the post is issued after your longer film has been reviewed and premiered by you.

When your wedding films have been finished, you will receive a link to a secure digital library with a collection of all your wedding films. From there you'll be able to download and share your films. This library is evergreen and will NEVER be taken down, so you never have to worry about losing your film.

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