your experience with us is everything

We believe that every couple deserves to have an incredible experience throughout their entire wedding process—from the moment we say our first "hello" all the way to when we hand you your film and say "We hope you love your story!"

We love what we do. After 13 year of filming weddings, and hundreds of couples saying "I do", we still get misty eyed when you walk down the aisle and get butterflies in our stomach when you see each other for the first time. 

You see, we believe in real moments and the important stories behind them. From tiny details like when he gently tucks your hair behind your ear on the windy beach, to the great big belly laughs we all have as the maid of honor recounts the tales of what you were really like dating your beloved.

That’s the timeless kind of love we strive to capture with every story we tell: the utterly beautiful and completely unique story of you.

It's important to us, not just to get you to laugh, but to get to know you well enough to know how to genuinely make you laugh because our stories come are most alive with authentic moments.

That’s the key to our experience and the reason couples love being a part of the HVS family. So if you like our style and trust us to create a fresh and timeless love story for you—we're gonna be a perfect match.

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our philosophy

It is so important for us to have a genuine connection with each and every one of our couples. We go above and beyond to create something more than the typical wedding film, so it's important to have a relationship—not just a transaction. 

We want to show up at your wedding day and feel like friends rather than vendors because it helps to foster more genuine expressions and breakdown walls of awkwardness that come with having a few cameras in your face!

If you feel connected to our films and workstyle, after you contact us and you receive our information, we'll schedule a call to see if we connect even more!

the connection!

After our initial call, if you and your other half decide we’re the perfect fit to work together, it’ll be time to make it official!

All you need to do is decide on your package, and from there, I’ll send you an online proposal with your custom contract, invoice, and payment schedule all able to be completed online!

Once your 33% retainer is paid, your date will be saved on our . calendar and the fun begins!

I’ll begin sending you our list of vendor recommendations, wedding videography preparation guide that will guide you, your fiance, and your bridal party through the video process for the very best experience, and more. 

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We love being involved in the wedding planning process!

On this day, our goal as videographers is to make sure you have as much fun and for you to be as stress-free as possible.

To achieve that goal, we make sure we're extremely organized!

Leading up to the day, you’ll receive our questionnaires for your story, details about your wedding day, and information on other vendors.

About 2 weeks out from your wedding, we’ll have a video call to go over any final details to ensure all goes well the day of!


Woo! It’s here! The day of your wedding goes by in a blink of an eye.

We want to make sure it’s the most fun and stress-free day possible for you and your family & friends.

We arrive before our scheduled start time to introduce ourselves to can meet your family and friends, get to know them, and scope out the area for lighting and scenery. 

There are two filmmakers on every wedding—while we're together for the big moments, we split up to cover more ground for things like getting ready, photo sessions, and cocktail hour. We NEVER leave without giving you a big hug goodnight (and we always ask if you want us to stay longer just in case you want extra memories—it's always an option). 

7 days after your wedding, your sneak peek will premiere on social media to enjoy and share with friends and family!


We'll be keeping in touch with you throughout the post-production process as we edit your wedding films. And when all your films are complete, we'll send you a link to a dedicated online video gallery where you can download, stream, and share your wedding film with friends and family.  

As a rule, we always recommend the first time you watch your wedding film, you watch it together without family or friends present.

This is a very special moment for you as a couple. You'll be seeing your wedding for the very first time from the perspective of a guest. Big feelings are inevitable.

So, pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy reliving their day together!

private video GALLERY

We would LOVE to chat with you and your fiance (and anyone else who's helping you make your wedding film decision) about your wedding plans and how we can work together to make your wedding day the most fun and stress-free day of your life and deliver a very special wedding film to you in the process!

Click the contact button below to get the process started! We can't wait to hear from you!

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If you feel like you're a couple that has a similar style as ours, we would love to film your wedding!

We’re looking for couples that genuinely love Cape Cod and the Islands as much as we do. Couples who are as laid back, fun-loving, and unafraid to be themselves as we are—because we know that those are the stories we excel at telling.

We are looking to book more weddings and elopements that are interested in telling their whole story to create a unique and special heirloom to enjoy forever.