When creating your film, we even consider the guests who were unable to attend your wedding. Film is a perfect way to bond with friends and family who weren't present that day.

Your photos will show them that you laughed, but a video will show them why you laughed. And that means they'll feel like they were there, too.

your guests who couldn't attend

Your guests' experience at your wedding is top of mind while we're filming. It's our personal mission to work in stealth-mode.

By blending in with your crowd, we're able to capture heartfelt and amazing moments without bringing attention to ourselves.

We only use additional lighting when we're in low light situations. And we never, ever interrupt your guests to take interviews.  

your guests' experience with us

On most weddings, couples tell us they barely even realized we were there at all. (Some tell us they wish they did so we could have hung out more!)

We purposely try to keep our footprint compact. Our cameras are modern and small—which makes us look more like photographers than videographers.

You've got a big day with lots to do—we do our very best to make everything as seamless as possible.

your experience with us

a fun and memorable wedding experience should be just as important to your supporting cast as it is to you

your HVS wedding film Experience

what you can expect from

When your wedding films have been finished, you will receive a link to a secure digital library with a collection of all your wedding films.

This library is evergreen and will NEVER be taken down. It will always be here for you to enjoy, watch, and share with friends and family—forever.


your film is forever AT YOUR FINGERTIPS

All packages include a sneak peek of your wedding video, sent to you via digital download up to 7 days after your wedding.

Your wedding will also be featured on our site and potentially picked up by major wedding blogs.

video sneak peek and blog post

we ♥︎ to celebrate you

Meticulous planning is part of our DNA. We love everything being in a central location.

The day you book with us you'll be issued a link to your personal, password-protected Client Portal.

It's a centralized hub for your wedding video contract, invoice, emails, and meeting calendar. 

secure client portal

We're detail oriented & organized

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