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We know that the process of creating your film can make or break its authenticity. 

The way we interact with you, the stories we ask for, the equipment we use, the lighting we arrange, the way we edit and color... it all allows heart into your film and brings your story to life.

These seemingly small details are what develops the soul of your film.

As fun-loving as we are, knowing that our artistic and storytelling skills forever symbolize your relationship—is something we take very seriously.

We understand that there can be a monumental amount of stress, time, energy, money, and emotions invested in planning a wedding.

But the memories that come from this day are truly boundless. 

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your mom surprised you with your grandmother's bracelet you always loved. 

the adoring look on your dad's face as he walked you down the aisle. 

your partner saw you in your dress for the very first time. 

the heartfelt vows you wrote to one another, committing to each other in front of family and friends. 

the toast your Maid of Honor gave that made you laugh so hard you almost couldn't stop.

remember when...

This is our job — to find all the moments to create the warmest memories. Because the memories we create with friends & family are everything.

Having both been in bands, music means the world to us, and we know how a song can make or break your film. 

What makes our films so unique and powerful is the music we choose. We spend searching for just the right song that provides your film with exactly the right fit for you. 

It has to move us—literally. If our feet aren't stomping, our shoulders aren't swaying, or our emotions aren't soaring—it's not for us. 

Because we know that if you don't feel it, you won't remember it.

the music we use

Your story means the world to us and we're beyond honored that you're considering inviting us to bring it to life for you.

We know that weddings can make people a little more vulnerable than usual. There's a lot of love on display that day—which we love. 

Your day and film are all about you and we respect the vibe you want to portray. We don't manipulate or exploit the emotions you have on display. 

It's important to us that you're comfortable, not that we have an emotional portfolio piece. 

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your HVS wedding film Experience

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