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Meet Your Cape Cod Wedding Filmmakers

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Husband and Wife Cape Cod wedding videographers on the dock at Wequassett Resort

Sean & Cindy Caughey

the husband-and-wife wedding filmmaking duo who specialize in fun, upbeat, wedding films that reflect the laidback personalities of their couples.

We believe in authentic moments and real stories between two friends who fell in love. The kinds of films that spark joy and will be the foundation of your family legacy. We believe in creating films that are the perfect representation of our couples—the kind of film that become their all time favorite. 

Sean began capturing video as soon has he could hold a camera. He quickly became the family filmmaker documenting every memory the family has cherished—at least half of them were of summers spent on Cape Cod. Not long after they were married, Cindy caught the video bug as well—making them an unstoppable team.

Whenever we pick up our cameras, we strive to create the story you’ll cherish for years to come. We showcase the beauty of both the people with the people who mean the most to them in a location that holds so much of their heart. 

Our Local Cape Cod Videography Team

2 parts human, 5 parts pure fluff, 100% located on Cape Cod. 
Meet the team that can’t wait to serve you on your wedding day.

Cape Cod and Boston Wedding videographer filming details


the story builder and gear guy

Sean’s our master storyteller, gear getter, and can talk all kinds of lenses, cameras, and (Cindy’s officially fallen asleep at this point—zZz…). All our video editing stays in-house because your love stories are personally crafted by Sean. We know our clients so well, we couldn’t possibly hand their story to someone else.

I love the editing process; it’s where your story really comes alive. We get to know our couples and can interweave some of the most beautiful parts of their beginnings with what’s happening right now. It’s incredible.

Hands down, it’s getting ready. There’s unparalleled energy in the air. Everyone is excited and nervous to start their big day—a lot of fun and unscripted, candid moments that create special memories that happen at that time. 

These interactions are the unexpected moments you don’t think about seeing again. They’re some of the most fun and genuine parts of a wedding film.

When a couple tells us that we told their story better than they could have ever described it. I especially love when they send us videos of their kids watching their films years later.

It’s the best feeling in the whole world knowing you’ve helped a family pass on those memories.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard wedding videographer Cindy Caughey


the sweetheart

Cindy’s all about our couples. She the voice behind Harborview Studios and obsessed with giving Harborview Studios’s couples the wedding film experience of a lifetime. By the time your wedding takes place, Cindy makes sure you know each other like you’ve been friends for years.

I love choosing the music for our couple’s films. Music is that extra layer of emotion that gets tucked into all the right places to make your story truly special. Finding that perfect song takes a lot of dedication and knowing your couples do it really well. 

The vows. Custom vows are everything. Those words come from the heart and they’re your story. It lets your people in on a part of something bigger. Whether it’s the guests at your wedding or strangers watching your film on YouTube (you know what I’m taking about). That story makes us all feel closer and connected.

When our couples get to see their entire day wedding from a guest’s point of view. It’s so much fun to hear them tell us that we captured everything and more. They get to see all the things they planned but didn’t get to enjoy on the day because it went too fast. 

An extra special bonus is when they tell us their family and friends didn’t even know they hired videographers. It’s the best compliment we can get.

five parts fluff

affectionately known as “the interns”

We're all about

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard Wedding Films

Game Night

we challenge you to a game of monopoloy, pictionary, or yahtzee anytime.#challengeaccepted

There’s more to us than just weddings. Cindy was trained at an early age by her father to crush marathon Monopoly games. (She has since apologized for making her sister cry…) Meanwhile, Sean spent hours perfecting his strategy of the world’s most illegible drawings while playing Pictionary. It sounds a little intense but we promise it’s all fun and games. 

Being total Introverts

cake, all the cake


making each other laugh

saturday breakfasts out

Sunday donuts

dinner with friends



finding the best local ice cream

It Began With Two Best Friends

Why we film weddings on Cape Cod & the islands

The first time we saw each other, we became instant best friends. It didn’t take much longer to realize there was a lot more to our friendship. It’s been a beautiful 20 years of love, friendship, and marriage, and while we’ve had our share of challenges, there isn’t a single thing we’d change about it.

Sean’s family had always vacationed on Cape Cod—they have so many fond family memories built here. When we started dating, naturally he introduced me to the Cape and we began making our own memories here.

Cape Cod is family, its history; it’s your memories as a child spent with your grandparents getting fried clams followed by homemade ice cream at the Sundae School. Everyone who gets married here has a special connection to the Cape.

It’s not just the beautiful scenery and fresh ocean air—it’s also about the deep bond with friends and family. Sharing this special place with so much heart reveals how soulful you are. 

That’s why we film weddings right here on Cape Cod.

Harborview Studios Martha's Vineyard Wedding Videographer



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