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Cape Cod & New England Wedding Videographers

Cape Cod is special to us, it's part of who we are. ⁠It has a deep restorative power. It's the place you look forward to all year long. ⁠

The Cape and Islands is where you summered while growing up. The place your grandparents had a cottage for ages. ⁠

Memories of it are like being wrapped in your favorite blanket on a chilly night. ⁠You want to bring anyone who's special to you—HERE. Because, Cape Cod is so you.

And it's why starting your new beginning here is so special. ⁠We know this isn't just any day you're planning. This is the start of forever with your best friend. Together on a new adventure that you can't wait to start. (And neither can we.)

YOu and I? we have a lot in common

Cape Cod is a part of who we are.

Sean & Cindy

Husband & Wife videography team living fulltime on Cape Cod

Sean and I have filmed in every major wedding venue on Cape Cod.

We've filmed the gorgeous private weddings of political dignitaries, Hollywood producers, luxury real estate executives, and often travel to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard to film extended wedding weekends. 

But what we love most is filming weddings of people who love and appreciate this special region as much as we do.

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They made us feel like cameras weren't even there

My husband and I are both camera shy, but honestly Cindy and Sean made us feel like cameras weren't even there.

They go above and beyond not just on the wedding day, but in the months and weeks leading up to it as well!

They do everything to make sure their couples know what to expect from them, and that doesn't go unnoticed! 

Jess & Sean

Dune at Wychmere Beach Club
Cape Cod

ABOUT US, as people

Meet the couple

Husband & wife. Best friends. Ying and Yang(ish). To know us is to know our favorite things.


Cape Cod

Originally from New York and New Jersey—Cape Cod was our go-to vacation spot. 

Spring weekend getaways, summer vacations, and autumn mental health breaks—the Cape was always there to help us refresh and relax. One day we asked ourselves, "Why don't we just move there?" Two years later we were able to call ourselves washashores.



Each Other

True story: A long time ago, a very wise random stranger told Cindy to LIKE the person she married.

We're often asked by people how we can work together and be together ALL THE TIME. It's easy. We like each other. A lot. It's much weirder for us to be apart than to be together all the time. That's why we specialize filming in couples who  marry their best friend. 



Our furry family

all together, Our kids have 20 legs. (We have 3 cats, 1 dog, and 1 horse.)

Ask about the time when Cindy accidentally rescued a horse without telling Sean. (Then reread #2 because that's really important when you accidentally rescue a horse.) Ultimately, the goal is to have a rescue farm because it's inevitable that Cindy will accidentally rescue all of the animals.


Evening Happy Hour

Sean's a beer guy. Cindy's a martini drinker. Her signature grapefruit cocktail inspired a bartender in Mexico to create a spin-off Lychee martini that Cindy was honored to name. She named it The Stan-tini (named, after her cat, of course). 

Our nightly pre-dinner cocktails to relax, unwind, and feel fancy by having a signature cocktail


Being wedding videographers

We really do have one of the best jobs in the world and we feel extremely lucky

We get to know you as people and be involved in one of the biggest days of your life. That's a big deal. And we treat it with the reverence it so greatly deserves. We're with you every step of the way. 

excited for all the details, to celebrate, and to share a location you love with the special people in your life (but you're even more excited to be marrying your best friend).

You love wedding films and can't wait to have one of your own to share with your future family. 

someone who knows the importance of having a vendor team who care about your wedding as much as your friends and family do.

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