Hi! We're Cindy & Sean.

And we're so excited you stopped by

We’re parents to 5 four-legged kids (a dog, a horse, and three cats. We’re movie fanatics and lovers of all things Cape Cod.

You probably already know us as local Cape Cod wedding videographers who tell compelling stories  of best friends in love getting married in a place that’s a second home to them.

But there’s more to us. So much more.

The values that guide us


Cape Cod has one of the best local communities in the world. Widely interconnected and supportive, one reason we specialize in filming weddings here is the support it gives back to the region we adore.


Putting ourselves in your shoes. Going the extra mile. Finding ways to delight you when you least expect it. Kindness is the foundation of our experience. Such a simple thing to offer but also enormous.


It can feel awkward being in front of cameras if you’re not used to it. We believe in getting to know you so you can be comfortable being your playful selves. When you’re comfortable being you—it shows in a big way.

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We capture all your memories on film

We love filming weddings

When we pick up our cameras, we’re capturing your authentic moments and real stories, not shoehorning you into a story that we think you ought to have. 

These films will be the foundation of your family legacy. We’re masters at creating wedding films that are the perfect representation of you and your family (and how Cape Cod plays into your most important memories). Your wedding films will be your family’s favorite movie to watch for years to come.

We’re able to guide you through the kind of film you want to have created and remember years from now. Having been married for 20 years, we have the kind of hindsight only time can reward you with. (And we pass that along to you—life shortcuts!)

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Why we specialize in Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket weddings

Husband and wife Videography Team

Your wedding film is so much more than just a record of what happened that day. ⁠It’s a living heirloom you’ll pass to new generations. It needs to reflect who you are and all that’s special to you.

Sean’s family vacationed here for decades and when he and I started dating—he introduced me to the Cape. I instantly fell in love. ⁠Cape Cod is our happy place. 

We always knew we belonged here. ⁠We dreamed about it when we were stressed at work, told stories of it at family gatherings, and religiously planned yearly trips here. ⁠

Truth: No one comes to the Cape for a rad experience or hopping nightlife. ⁠You come here to connect and decompress and become whole again.

There’s palpable magic to Cape Cod that’s hard to explain. It’s the place you summered while growing up. Memories of it are like being wrapped in your favorite blanket on a chilly night. ⁠

You want to bring anyone who’s special to you—HERE. Because, well, it’s so you. There’s no way to put it into words. Cape Cod has to be experienced. ⁠

That’s why you instantly knew “THIS is where we have to get married.” This is where you start your new beginning.

⁠There is no other place to start but on Cape Cod.

And that MEANS something to us. ⁠

Your wedding film needs to capture the spirit of you, your family, and your friends perfectly. ⁠We capture all that love and more. We make sure your connection to the Cape comes through, too. ⁠

Does this mean we only film on cape cod?

Nope! We’re thrilled to go on adventures around the globe. Most importantly—it’s the people that are important to us. And that’s why we want to make sure we’re the perfect fit for you!

What are our personalities?

because that’s important

We’re a super laidback couple who loves to laugh (a lot). We relish the small moments just as much as the big ones, like singing made-up songs about our pets. 

We love to travel but at the same time coming home is the best feeling in the world.

other things to know about us

We’re hardcore introverts

Food is our love language—soon, you’ll find out about Cindy’s obsession with cake 

Watching amazing shows & movies ending in copious conversations and wild theories

Sundays are for donuts and coffee 

We buy & support local as much as possible

We have a menagerie—1 horse, 1 dog,  and 3 cats. They keep us on our toes!

Get to know us like we’re family

Our Local Cape Cod Videography Team

2 parts human, 5 parts pure fluff, 100% located on Cape Cod.

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the story builder and gear guy

Sean’s our master storyteller and gear getter. Basically, he’s the one that makes sure our cameras and videography toys are cutting edge. Also—your love stories are personally crafted by Sean—all our video editing stays in-house and is never outsourced. We know our clients so well, we couldn’t possibly hand their story to someone else.

I love the editing process; it’s where your story really comes alive. We get to know our couples and can interweave some of the most beautiful parts of their beginnings with what’s happening right now. It’s incredible.

Hands down, it’s getting ready. There’s unparalleled energy in the air. Everyone is excited and nervous to start their big day—a lot of fun and unscripted, candid moments that create special memories that happen at that time. 

These interactions are the unexpected moments you don’t think about seeing again. They’re some of the most fun and genuine parts of a wedding film.

When a couple tells us that we told their story better than they could have ever described it. I especially love when they send us videos of their kids watching their films years later.

It’s the best feeling in the whole world knowing you’ve helped a family pass on those memories.

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client experience & all the things

Cindy’s all about our couples. She the voice behind Harborview Studios and obsessed with giving Harborview Studios’ couples the wedding film experience of a lifetime. By the time your wedding takes place, Cindy makes sure you know each other like you’ve been friends for years.

I love choosing the music for our couple’s films. Music is essential to storytelling. It provides the swell of emotion that gets tucked into all the right places to make your story truly special. Finding the perfect song takes a lot of dedication and knowing your couples do it really well. 

The vows. Custom vows are everything. Those words come from the heart and they’re your story. It lets your people in on a part of something bigger. Whether it’s the guests at your wedding or strangers watching your film on YouTube (you know what I’m talking about). That story makes us all feel closer and connected.

(OK, ok… I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s also the cake.)

The “OMG!” moment.

When our couples get to see their entire day wedding from a guest’s point of view. It’s so much fun to hear them tell us that we captured everything and more. They get to see all the things they planned but didn’t get to enjoy on the day because the day went so fast. 

An extra special bonus is when they tell us their family and friends didn’t even know they hired videographers. It’s the best compliment we can get.