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What you experience with us every step of the way

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what you get when you hire us

We personally film and edit every wedding

We show up and take care of you and your fiancé (and sometimes even your parents) every step of your wedding film journey.

We’ll personally answer every email, text, and call with patient loving devotion because this is the best job in the world. We get to know you on a deeper level so that your film and your experience are personalized to you. We’re not just interested in filming your wedding, we want to know who you are as a couple and as individuals. 

We’re detailed, organized, and streamlined like no other. (That’s no throwaway claim, I don’t say those words lightly.) All our dealings are digital and organized through our online client portal so you can always find what you need and we accept multiple forms of payment making life super easy for you.

We aren’t just giving you a wedding film—we’re providing you with an entire experience. 

What you don't get...

We’re Real locals—not just local in seo terms

We’re not a large state company shooting multiple weddings per day, nor are we a nationwide agency or worldwide collective that will hire a warm body to show up as long as they can hold a camera with the lens facing the right direction. (And maybe that’s not important to you—but if it is, it’s important for you to know that.)

We’re a boutique husband and wife Cape Cod videography team. We don’t just call ourselves “Cape Cod Videographers” because we want to film here—we ARE local Cape Cod videographers. 

We live here full time, even in the cold gray days of February—supporting the local businesses, restaurants, shops, and farms when all the summer fun is a distant memory (oh so very distant). 

We specialize in Cape Cod weddings because we’re crazy stupid in love with this region (just like you). And we know this area, the people, and the venues like the back of our hands. Will we film in other states and regions? Absolutely. But Cape Cod is where our hearts are and where they’ll always be. 

The Process and Experience

of having us as your videographers

We know that the process of finding a videographer is new for you. So we’re going to break down the experience so you know what to expect and reassure you that the decision you make is right for you. 

Because it’s not just about the final film you get that’s important—but also the experience you have along the way.

Below you’ll find a little info to give you an idea of what to expect from working with us.

Want to get to know us better?

How this works

Our process from start to finish



Contact Us

You love what you see and want to know more

Contact us to see if we’re available for your date and start the process of receiving a custom quote that’s the perfect fit for you.



Let's Chat

Schedule a meet & greet with Cindy

The object is to get to know each other better and gives us the details we need so we can expedite a custom quote for your wedding film.



Date Secured!

Eeee!—You’ve decided we’re the ones for you!

After your date is officially reserved, we’ll send over some special goodies to help you prepare for the big day. (We’ve been told they’re invaluable to our clients.)

We’re happy to serve as a resource for vendor recommendations, timeline guidance and more!



Wedding Prep

Being organized and getting you comfortable with our cameras

We stay in touch the entire year getting you familiarized with us and helping you get comfortable with being in front of our cameras. 

Two months before your wedding things start to get real and go over timeline specifics, special details, must-have shots, special traditions and anything else we should know about your big day.



Your Wedding Day

It’s finally here!!

Today you say “I Do” and dance the night away surrounded by your family and friends. You know us so well now that being around us is natural and you feel completely relaxed.

Know that we’re excited to celebrate and capture your wedding day. It’s going to be incredible. 

After your wedding you’ll get a sneak peek and always be informed on our progress (so you never feel out of the loop).



Your Film Collection

Expect your films to arrive in 18-22 weeks

Yas! It’s time to pop the bubbly and relive your wedding day because your films have now been delivered to your secure digital library!

You can easily stream, watch, download, and share with friends, family, and social media. 

And you know you’ll be able to watch them forever as digital never degrades and is flexible to whatever new formats come out.

Does that sound good to you?


kind words from clients

Your Investment


Wedding Film Collections Starting at $4250

Our custom wedding video packages begin at $4,250. 

The average investment our couples make in their wedding film is $5,600. 

Weddings filmed on Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, or outside the Boston area will have an additional travel fee.

Sounds great! What do I do now?

Answers to our most common questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we love to film Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard weddings! There is a travel fee to the islands as we have to bring our car over by ferry so we can transport our equipment.

This will be discussed so we can best serve you.

As soon as possible. Our calendar is almost fully booked for 2022 and we’re accepting bookings for 2023 weddings. 

The most popular wedding dates for Cape Cod are Saturdays in May, June, and September. 

Yes, for traditional-sized celebrations, we are a team of 3 people—Cindy & Sean and a videography assistant. The assistant helps with set-up, breakdown, and equipment swap out. It’s a vital role that helps keep our operations running smoothly so we can keep our cameras set on you. 

Micro weddings & elopements will only have Cindy & Sean onsite. 

Absolutely. Harborview Studios is a wholly inclusive company and we welcome all races, genders, sexualities, and religions. We fiercely believe diversity and inclusivity make us stronger and love harder. 

We would be honored if you contacted us about filming your wedding and we honestly cannot wait to help create some incredible memories for you.

On paper, 22 weeks. Although we strive for the quickest timeline possible—so generally much sooner.

That said, we also prioritize the mental health of our team (it’s how a husband/wife team works so well together). 

We take care of ourselves so we can be at our best and most creative to take care of you and your films. Kind of like putting your oxygen mask on first so you don’t pass out before you can help the person next to you

The last thing we want is to sacrifice the quality and creativity of your film just to get it to you a couple of weeks faster. 


My dad always told me, “quality over quantity, Cindy.”

So with that in mind—we take a limited number of weddings per year (and a limit of two per weekend) so that we can ensure each couple gets individualized attention from us and the kind of films they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 

You’ll be working with us from start to finish.

Our main focus is to film your day as it authentically happens, capturing all your special moments. Meaning, we take a fly-on-the-wall kind of approach.

We work with you beforehand to tell the story you want, ensuring that nothing about your film seems forced, overly produced, or inauthentic.

We’re all about creating a wedding film experience that you can’t stop raving about. And that starts by listening to what’s important to you.

We want to know what you’re looking for in a wedding film experience, what types of films you want to watch, and we also invite you to tell us any objections or fears you’re experiencing.

Knowing this allows us to custom-design a stress-free wedding film experience for you that provides you with all the memories you’ve ever wanted.  

If you’re looking for a wedding film to capture the colorful and fun personalities of you and your guests, our films are beyond reproach. 

Plus, with our warm and approachable personalities, even the shyest, most introverted couples feel instantly welcomed by our methods. We also become a trusted source of comfort through stressful times.

FWIW, Sean and I are card-carrying introverts. So, yes, we’re exceptional when working with couples who don’t love a lot of attention.

We 100% understand and this is important to us, too. If you follow us on Insta, you probably already know all this because we think it’s important to talk about… 

We believe in science, love is love, black lives matter, Asians belong, kindness is everything, and all are welcome here. 

We’re BIG animal people and our hearts belong to our 5 furry four-legged kids.

We’re also Cape Cod locals. So, if supporting local businesses is a core value of yours, know that we’re full-time residents right here in the heart of Cape Cod. All year long we’re here dedicating hearts (and our money) to supporting and bettering this incredible community.

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