Wedding films with purpose and connection

All we really have in our lives is our stories. Our connections. Our memories.

This is so much more than just a wedding film.

Our legacies are made of our stories. They’re what we pass from generation to generation. Stories ground us, they help define us, and they help build strong and lasting family traditions. 

In a world made up of billions of people—you found each other. You’re making promises to love each other forever.

You’re deciding that these moments should live forever. Not just for you to remember but even past your lifetime for your children and grandchildren to enjoy and know where they came from. 

Your story is a gift for the generations.

Enjoy every moment like it was yesterday

Personalized to you

All wedding films are exclusively edited by Cindy & Sean. We carefully select what’s most important to you and expertly pair it with music that fits your personality and the vibe of your day.


Our goals are to provide personalized service and an unparalleled wedding film experience. Meticulous planning makes our couples’ day seamless, fun, and carefree.

Real moments

Authenticity starts by filming real moments between you, your love, family, and friends. This is about the true connections built and honest emotions captured in the moment.

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Romantic, fun, and heartfelt

Watch some of the films that give our couples the biggest laughs, the most tender-loving tears, and the best memories of their lives.

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Wedding Film Investment

Custom designed videography collections

Our wedding videography collections start at just $4950.

On average our couples invest between $5600 — $7700 in their wedding collection.

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Authenticity for miles

Watch the films that have captured all that our couples are, showcased the beauty of their wedding, and highlight the love and fun of their friends and family.

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