Brad | Our friends are jealous of our wedding video

They were absolutely amazing! I can honestly say I was a pretty specific bride with specific requests and Sean came through 120%.

Each and every time we show our wedding video to friends and family we hear the following... 

"I feel like we're watching a movie."
"The quality is incredible." 
"I didn't know they could make wedding videos like this!"
"This makes we wish we didn't skip doing a video for our wedding!"

But the one I love the best was...

"I feel like I'm there all over again!"

It was important for us to have something that was a memory of that entire day, a recap of emotion, dancing and laughs but also so that when we show others who weren't able to attend that they feel like they were there.

Sean is incredible and someone who cares because this isn't only your wedding it is his passion as well.

Thank you for everything Sean !!!!!