Is it weird to get a wedding videographer for a small wedding?

Absolutely not. It's about what is important to you. 

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I've filmed weddings that were just immediate family members getting together for a short ceremony and the rest of the day was about having fun—without a formal reception. 

For them, it was about having a video capture that moment. A glorious day of fun and togetherness that they will always share. Reliving that day through video is a powerful reminder of their family bond and how much they enjoy each others hilarious hijinks.

Their wedding video is beautiful, simple and epic all rolled into one.

Those visceral memories are just seconds away from their fingertips any time they want to relive them. It doesn't matter how big or small the size of your wedding is. People hire wedding videographers for elopements and engagements.

Our minds get hazy and our memories soften with age. Getting a wedding video can be down-right magical when it comes to refreshing old memories, it's different than photos. Video captures every bit of the scene as it happens. 

Is wedding video a priority for you?

If your priority is about having a fun wedding video that gives you all of the feels—one you’re going to cherish and watching it on repeat endlessly—then book your wedding date with a good videographer as soon as possible. 

Wedding videography is almost always a last minute decision, your options are going to be limited the longer you wait to make a decision. Your first, second, and third choice film crew to capture your irreplaceable memories may not be available (especially if you're a June, September, or October wedding). Getting subpar videographer is where all those "I watched it once and then it went in a drawer" comments come from. 

Ever buy an article of clothing that you thought was a good deal because you wanted to stretch your money and get more for less? My wife does this all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've heard her tell me she should have just gotten the $150 jeans she wanted instead of 3 pair of $50 jeans that she doesn't wear... that sit in her drawer. It's literally the same example as what happens when couples get an OK wedding video.

It shouldn't be "good enough" it should be GREAT.  "Good enough" is going to get a couple of plays and then be forgotten.

I worry that a wedding videographer be invasive to my guests.

There are some bad apples out there that like to feel like they're a big time movie producer who will jam their cameras and lights all up in your face. They're a lot fewer and farther between than wedding forums would have you believe. Generally this kind of behavior comes from inexperienced, budget videographers (or just jerks). 

Quality studios know how to film like ninjas and most couples will tell you no one noticed the crew there at all.

If you’re worried that because that your guests will feel uncomfortable having a camera crew around, hire an experienced wedding film studio (like ours!) we’re an inconspicuous bunch, and your guests aren't really going to notice we’re around. 

I don't want people to think I'm being precocious for getting a video for my small wedding.

If it’s about being judged by people because you hired wedding videographers and photographers for your small, big day... haters gonna hate. You've gotta do what's important to you.

You can't let the presumption of what someone else thinks of you ruin the fun experience you're going to have when you open that box, snuggle up with your new spouse, dig in to a bucket of popcorn and watch some of the best times you and your guests have had in your entire life.

You can't worry about someone judging your choice. Life is short, no one has time for that.

Imagine your perfect Cape Cod wedding day. 

You’re in the backyard of the perfect salt-worn, grey shingled Nantucket house. The garden filled with fresh blue hydrangea bobbing gently in the breeze and the sidewalks are lined with bright white crushed seashells. It's the quintessential Cape Cod you love. 

You and your 50 guests dive into a luscious lunch of lobster rolls and corn on the cob dripping with butter. The sun that beams through the intermittent clouds gently bronzes everyone’s face. 

As evening approaches the lights draping your tent are starting to cast a warm glow against the darkening sky and your carefully crafted gluten-free wedding cake is standing like a work of art on the small dessert and espresso bar surrounded by french macaroons, individual cheesecakes, and cheerfully decorated sugar cookies—everyone’s gonna love it. 

The whole wedding day has been completely chill. Everyone is happy, relaxed, and having a marvelous time. Your small wedding turned out perfect in every way—it’s everything you’ve wanted since you can remember. Best yet, you didn’t have to dip into your 401k to afford it.

You’re in seventh heaven. 

Isn't that something you'd want to relive any time you had a bad day or were feeling nostalgic regardless of the size of your party? 

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