Booking your last minute wedding video


It’s the beginning of May now and inquiries are flying in fast and furious for last minute requests, as it happens every year. I want to offer a bit of booking advice as I've sadly had to turn down a lot of excited brides this year due to last minute booking decisions. 

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To make sure you get your favorite wedding videographer there are certain dates you have to book far in advance

The most popular months to get married

The most popular months to get married are: September, May, October, and June (for us, it’s in that order). There are some months of the year that are crazy popular for weddings and they get booked out fast—1 year in advance kind of fast. It's a good idea to book your wedding videographer when you book your photographer if you're getting married in one of these months.  

The most popular days of the week to get married

Saturday weddings are most popular followed by Sundays with Fridays coming in close behind. If you're a couple looking for wedding videography for a Saturday wedding, you're one of the people who need to get into decision mode if you want your first choice of great videographers. 

Popular holiday weekends to get married

Cape Cod is a beautiful location for destination weddings and that means that holiday weekends are popular time to get married. It’s convenient for friends and family to come for an extra day or two. It gives everyone a little vacation along with a party and it means... a potentially multi-day party. 

Labor Day, Columbus Day, Fourth of July, and Memorial Day are all popular holiday weekends for New England destination weddings. 

If you're planning a wedding on one of these holidays, you've got to think ahead.

What do you do if you have a popular wedding date and want to book a wedding videographer (or any vendor)?

In short, book as soon as you have made the decision that you want a wedding video. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that your first, second, or even third choice videographer won’t be available for a wedding on a Saturday in September. 

We book our September weddings nearly 12 months in advance.

We're already getting inquiries for 2020 and we're not even a quarter of the way through 2018 yet.  

We've had to turn down a lot of couples that were So Excited to work with us... but didn't book soon enough. We hate turning those couples down, it truly breaks our hearts. 

But what if you don’t really know if you want a wedding video yet?

Talk to us.

Inquire about getting a video, don’t lurk. (Oh how I love to lurk, trust me, I know and love the lurking. I'm a huge fan of the lurking... but this is not the time nor the place for said lurking.)

Get on your potential wedding videographer’s radar so they know they have interested couples for that date because they will keep you in contention with any other couples who also inquire. Inevitably, more than one couple will inquire about a popular wedding date.

We let all the interested parties know that there are other people looking at booking wedding video on that date.

We love all of you, we really do. Everyone who inquires with us is amazing and we really want to work with everyone. But the reality is, the date will go to the couple who makes a decision, signs a contract, and places their deposit first. 

We're not scary, we're not going to give you the hard sell. We aren't used car salesmen from the 1990s. We genuinely want you to have the best video you can get and we want to make sure you get your date booked ASAP because we know how happy this wedding video is going to make your day every time you watch it.

 New England wedding videography

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