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Last minute wedding video season.

It’s the beginning of May now and inquiries are flying in fast and furious for last minute requests, as it happens every year. I want to offer a bit of booking advice as I've sadly had to turn down a lot of excited brides this year due to last minute booking decisions. 

To make sure you get your favorite wedding videographer there are certain dates you have to book far in advance, like, right with your photographer kind of advance. 

Throughout the wedding industry the most popular months to get married are: September, May, October, and June (for us, it’s in that order).

Saturday weddings are most popular followed by Sundays with Fridays coming in close behind.

Holiday weekends are popular for destination weddings because it’s incredibly convenient for friends and family to come for an extended day or two (like Cape Cod weddings—Boston, Nantucket, Newport, Providence, Martha’s Vineyard, Provincetown. These are all popular New England destination wedding areas.)

If you have a wedding on a Saturday in September, you’re one of many.

What’s a September couple to do when they decide they want a wedding video?

In short, book as soon as you have made the decision. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that your first, second, or even third choice videographer won’t be available for a wedding on a Saturday in September. 

We book our September weddings nearly 12 months in advance. By November 2016, we were nearly full for 2017 weddings in September and May. We tend to book 6 months out for October and June weddings.  

But what if you don’t know if you want a wedding video yet?

Inquire about getting a video, don’t lurk. Get on your potential wedding videographer’s radar so they know they have interested couples for that date because they will keep you in contention with any other couples who also inquire. 

Because, inevitably, more than one couple will inquire about a popular wedding date.

What we do is let all the interested parties know that there are other people interested in that date. The date will go to the couple who makes a decision, signs a contract, and places a deposit first. 

Still on the fence about hiring a wedding videographer?
This worksheet can help! 

What do I do if I want a wedding video but it's not in my budget? 

If you book far enough in advance, studios like ours are more than happy to work out a flexible payment plan that’s comfortable to you.

Many studios will let you tailor your package to suit your needs and even add onto your package AFTER you're married. There are certain things you'll need on the day like multiple camera people (because they need to be booked far in advance). 

Extras like a teaser wedding trailer, additional copies and different types of media, and luxe packaging can be added on after your wedding day.

Additional hours of coverage, additional editing, and even the drone can be added on at the last minute (the drone requires the permission of your venue so make sure it allows drones). 

98% of couples who didn't book wedding videography regret their choice.

I know you've heard the statistic that 98% of couples who forgo wedding videos immediately regret the decision, but I'm going to remind you of it again because you cannot restage your wedding video.

Many couples begin to think of investing their money in wedding videography only a few months before their wedding date. Then they have to find a budget videography studio just to have something because something is better than nothing. Which we totally understand, we've all been there.

But here's the thing- high quality wedding video means the difference between watching it ALL the time and watching it a couple of times and filing it away because they did an OK job.

Your wedding day is going to go by faster than you realize and you're going to miss far more of your party than you imagine. You may not be at the cocktail hour that you spent months planning, because you’ll be out taking pictures. Or you may not get a chance to see all the decorations that you diligently chose. You aren't going to see your introductions or your bridesmaids coming down the aisle. 

Some couples are adamant that they won't watch their wedding video.

I have heard many couples declare that they're just not the sentimental type and they won't want to watch it later.

And that might very well be true, but parents would likely love it. And friends or grandparents who weren't able to come to your wedding would probably love to see the video. You might have children that would love to watch their parents' wedding video (for the non-sentimental, kids enjoy that kind of thing more than you'd expect). 

Life changes as you get older.

It's not always about what you THINK you're going to do with your wedding film that ends up bringing the most value.

I see couples in forums saying that they watch their video after big fights to remind themselves why they got married to begin with and how much fun they have together—basically using their wedding video as impromptu couple's therapy session.

That's a pretty powerful tool in a marriage.

As you get older and life moves on, there's nothing like seeing yourself 20 years younger with your newlywed spouse hamming it up and having a blast with friends and family.

Your wedding video is going to be much different than your wedding photos.

Photos don’t capture the same essence that video does. The movement, the laughter, tears, and joy. Voices and messages from people you care about.

Photos are beautiful and very important. But you wouldn't want to just look at pictures of your favorite movie. It wouldn't be the same experience at all.

And a GREAT video makes all the difference in the world. 

Harborview Studios is a video design agency located on Cape Cod, MA. We specialize in creating stunning custom wedding videos that capture an important moment in your family legacy. We specialize in being unobtrusive and true to your vision. From your first-look to the end of your wedding reception, we make sure you don't miss a single thing from your big day.   

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