Make sure your wedding videographer is thinking about audio—a lot

Let’s talk about your wedding video's audio.

When you hire a professional cinematographer for the most important day of your life, you’re going to hope that they are thinking about it. A lot, in fact.

Unfortunately, audio is something that many wedding videographers too often undervalue. All it takes is a poor quality equipment or the lack of proper audio hookups and you can loose that precious anecdote from your mom or your best friend forever.

When I first started Harborview Studios, the first thing I focused on wasn’t what kind of camera was I going to use but how I would capture audio. When I watched sample videos from other companies, the one thing that routinely stood out to me was the poor audio quality. This was not a mistake that I was eager to make with my productions.

The cardinal rule for audio is this: The closer the microphone is to your subject, the clearer the audio will be.

If you ever watch a behind the scenes video of any Hollywood movie or TV show, you may catch the boom operator holding a long boom pole with a shotgun mic attached to the end.

Oftentimes, that mic is being held inches away from the actor’s face, just out of frame and if there’s a wide shot where the boom operator can’t get close enough, the actors may be wearing a hidden lapel microphone somewhere on their clothing.

Make sure the mic is close by. Minus the boom mic operator. That would just be weird.

When I film, I use a variety of wireless and lapel mics as well as separate audio recorders that connect directly to a DJ or band’s soundboard. In addition, my cameras have mini shotgun mics that pick up desired ambient audio.

Is all of this coordination a lot of hard work? Yep, but it’s absolutely key to making a high-end video worth watching over and over.

These audio moments are what brings the whole film to life

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