5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Wedding Video

Not all couples start their wedding planning knowing that they’ll include video in their day.

As a matter of fact, video is often a last minute planning decision tacked on at the end as something a couple has decided they can’t do without.

Unfortunately, when it comes to popular wedding dates, most videographers are already booked which can make getting your ideal videographer impossible and a more stressful search that it needs to be.

5 questions to ask about wedding video | Cape Cod wedding video

These 5 questions will help you figure out if it makes sense for you to get video for your wedding day.

1. Are we really going to watch our wedding video?

The first and most important question you should ask yourselves is “will this something that we’ll get mileage out of?”

Video is a big investment and if you don’t think you’re going to enjoy watching your own wedding film then chances are good that you can probably make a solid decision to cut video at your wedding right away.

Be careful when answering this question, though. An off the cuff “no” might be jumping the gun. It’s important to think long term and of your family and friends, too. 98% of couples who decided against getting video regretted the decision immediately after their wedding because they didn’t realize they would miss so much of the day that they took over a year to plan.

Do you have close relatives that would love to watch this? Are you planning to have a family of your own? Would you want to have your film for them to watch as they grow up?

2. Do we want to add a wedding videographer to our growing vendor list?

Planning a wedding is both exhilarating and exhausting.

The average wedding uses 13 different vendors to pull their big day together and the thought of adding one more vendor can seem like it’s just too much to handle.

That said, video is a special kind of time capsule that even photographs can’t compete with.

Unlike photos which snap moments, video captures your entire day and all its nuances and then edited together in a way that sweeps you back up in that moment like it was just yesterday.

The extra effort you’ll put into finding the right videographer for you will be worth it. The earlier you start with your search for the perfect videographer the easier it’s going to be on your planning process.

3. Can we afford to get a quality wedding video?

This is a critical question that can’t be ignored. But also consider that price alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

The cake, flowers, invitations… those are all important parts of your wedding. And each couple will have a different priority (ask my wife, her priority is cake... always cake).

Video is something you’ll have forever and that brings a lot of worth to the table.

Your wedding video has some of the highest return on investment of any wedding purchase you'll make because the wedding video watching experience is unlike any other. It's such an interactive experience and it's one you get to enjoy as often as you like. The feeling that returns when you watch your wedding video is incomparable to any other product because it takes you back in time. 

This lasting value of your wedding film is an enormous part of the affordability factor.

Plus, many videographers will be happy to work out payment plans with you but be wary of negotiating for low-low prices. Videographers know what they’re worth and they won’t offer a lower price without taking something away, usually time and effort, and a rushed product is hardly worth the saving.

4. Will it be awkward to have a video camera on us all day?

It's an awkward thing to think of and something not often brought up but we know that, on occasion, people get concerned that they’ll end up on blooper videos or that lavalier mics will pick up secret conversations not meant for anyone else’s ears.

Videographers know how important discretion is to their clients and not only would it be in poor taste to be in a blooper reel but it would be overstepping legal boundaries and a professional worth their weight in salt wouldn’t jeopardize a client relationship like that.

5. What if I end up with a bad videographer and I get a wedding video I hate?

There’s plenty of proof throughout the internet that bad videographers exist but the best way to avoid a wedding video that you won't watch is to make sure you hire someone with a solid reputation that understands your vision. When you have something you love, you cherish it. This goes for clothing, furniture, the same dish you order at your favorite restaurant. You know the quality you love. 

Your wedding video is not the place to go with a studio that's OK enough. OK enough is watched once or twice and tossed in a drawer until your 10 year old kid finds it and watches it out of novelty for the weird clothes everyone was wearing and they make fun of your hair. 

Seasoned professionals will be a higher investment. But it's worth it.

The investment is in their years of experience, their eye for artistic composition, and stringent professionalism.

It’s the video chop shops and inexperienced weekend warrior video companies that are going to have a much different experience.

Use your best judgement when picking a wedding videographer

Your gut can usually tell whether or not you’re dealing with a good person. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

There are definitely "professionals" out there that give wedding videography a bad name. These people are going to be in your face all day and practically glued to your side while dancing. 

Flush them out as best you can by asking about their work style and where they're going to be while filming. 

Get to work!

Now that you know the five questions every couple asks themselves before deciding on getting wedding video, print out this worksheet to fill out with your S.O. to decide if you want to go ahead with the investment or not. 

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