"How much do your wedding video packages cost?"

One of the first questions I'm asked by most couples who are interested in wedding videography coverage is, "How much do your wedding video packages cost?" Which is a totally fair question. I like knowing the prices of things before I make any kind of commitment, too.

Harborview Studios packages start at $2,900.

To get a full understanding of our wedding video packages, get in touch and we'll send you a price list and welcome packet that tells you our process and explains our offerings in detail. 

Bespoke wedding video is like buying a pair of Christian Louboutin heels

 Christian Louboutin crystal embellished heels ($1195)

 Christian Louboutin crystal embellished heels ($1195)

Sometimes we talk ourselves out of quality when we think we'd be better off with quantity. Our brain loves to convince use that more stuff=better deal. But that's not often true. 

Take Christian Louboutin heels for instance. 

These shoes are so inherently fabulous something happens to you when you slip them on—suddenly you feel like you're Beyoncé. 

Your brain reminds you that Nine West is having a sale and you could get 6 pair of those plus 2 outfits for what you'd pay for those fab Louboutins. 

This has happened to you before, though. Your head tells you to give up the thing you're utterly in love with because you really should maximize that money.

And what usually happens with this compromise? Those pumps and 7 other things end up crammed in the back of your closet—despite the proud feeling of snagging those deals—you didn't love them, you don't wear them, and this immediately makes them worthless.

But those Louboutins? They would have been worn all the time, especially on days you needed to feel extra amazing. When you get that much mileage and the feeling of invincibility out of a pair of shoes—they're worth far more than what you paid.

Picking the right videography company to capture the look and feel for your wedding film is critical to whether or not you're going to rewatch your wedding film as often as you find yourself rewatching your favorite romcom. Those too good to be deals from companies are often too good to be true for a reason.

Wedding video price factors

Why Does Harborview Studios Charge More than other studios?

You can definitely find videographers who can and will give you all-of-the-things at a value price of $1500, so what's the difference? 

More expensive studios tend to have higher levels of experience and artistic skill. They hire quality assistants and second shooters. Their equipment is current, they're trained to have thorough preparation skills, back-up skills, and aesthetic composition. They have impeccable professionalism when working together with your other vendors which makes the behind-the-scenes work for everyone so much easier. 

A boutique studio like ours can offer you far more personal attention because our higher level of experience allows us to take fewer jobs and concentrate our efforts on high quality shoots.

Low-priced vendors tend to either be breaking into the business or working in high-volumes to make a profit, which means you're just a number to them. Inexperience leads to a poor quality wedding video or even worse they can have a bad domino effect on your wedding day by interfering with the job of other vendors, being unprofessional, and making your guests uncomfortable. 

Curtailing the cost of a more expensive wedding videographer 

there are a few things to consider when buying your wedding video package that can help control the price.

Bride holding bouquet hugging groom

When considering your budget, remember that some add-on options can be purchased after your wedding when your budget is feeling a little more relaxed, like, extra copies, trailers, raw footage, and luxe packaging. 

Add-ons that require day-of services, like, extra cinematographer coverage, drone coverage, rehearsal dinner coverage, save-the-date trailers; need to be booked in advance. 

Whether you hire me or choose to go with another video company, you should make sure you hire the best quality videographer that your budget can afford.

Look for a videographer that shoots in a style that you utterly adore, someone who's portfolio you can't stop watching. On top of that, make sure this is someone that you feel comfortable with because a videographer is one of the only vendors that will be with you for your entire wedding day. It's going to be immensely helpful that they're a person who makes you feel relaxed and can tell when you need your own space.