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What's your filming and editing style like for wedding videos?

We absolutely love our wedding video. Sean did a great job weaving all the different aspects of the day into a cohesive, concise, moving, beautiful story.
— Naima

Sean Caughey, owner | photo credit: Shoreshotz Photography

We create modern wedding films that are shot and edited using a cinematic technique. 

Much like a Hollywood movie, great care is taken to craft a genuine story of your lives that reflects you, your partner, family, and friends authentically throughout your special day.

Your wedding day is about the experience. The pre-wedding preparation, the vows, the ceremony, your photoshoot, cocktail hour, your reception and your goodbye—we believe your wedding video should be an experience that can take you back to that moment in time and make you feel like you're there again (and maybe even better...). 

All of the important details and events of your wedding are meticulously captured by me and my cinematography team. In post-production, your footage is then edited together non-sequentially in a way that makes your story flow effortlessly.

We believe cinematic storytelling makes for a more binge-worthy and watchable wedding film that you'll enjoy watching over and over again. 



Every wedding cinematographer on Earth is going to tell you that they're passionate about their job (I certainly hope so) but what it comes down to is your videographer's unique personality and artistic style and how connected you and your fiance feel to their work. 

I know that some wedding editorials will tell you that it's not important that you jive with your videographer—but I heartily disagree. 

The unique bond that develops between me and my clients is essential to how a film comes out. The client experience is important to me and I make sure my clients interact with me on a comfortable and professional level at every step.

I also keep in touch after the wedding, mostly because they're just cool people—which is part of what makes my job so awesome and it's not something I take for granted.

I do everything I can to keep my couples happy and make sure their big day is perfect. It's one of the biggest and most important days of their lives, one that will be remembered over their entire life and that is something I want to be a part of. 

You don't think about how life is going to be 10, 20, or 30 years down the road.

Knowing that I'm able to give my couples these memories that they can look back on, vividly... it's one of the best parts of my job. 

What makes you different from other Cape Cod and Boston wedding videographers?

Sean was so easy and comfortable to work with from the very beginning.

He caught all those special moments of our day without ever being intrusive.

I genuinely wish I’d spent more time getting to know him during the night.
— Kaitlin

We're just beginning to research vendors for videography...

How much are your wedding video packages?

We were unsure of whether or not we wanted to spend the money on a videographer but we are so happy that we decided to and can’t wait to watch the video for many years to come.
— Jenna

To give you a broad idea, my packages are comparable to professional photographers in the area and you can contact me here for my welcome packet and pricing guide.

I want to take a moment to urge you, the old adage is true, you do get what you pay for and you want to make sure you get the quality your memories deserve.

We all invest more in things that are important to us. Our cars, good clothes, nice shoes, great hairstylists... your wedding video is no different. The difference is in what you value.

"Value" is different for everyone. If you value watching the story of you and your loved ones shot beautifully and packaged together as a wonderful love story—then you'll want to invest in a quality wedding videographer. 

If you don't value that experience very much and want someone there to point, shoot, and get decent footage to have a record of your day—but the quality won't be as good, there won't even be a story, and you'll likely just watch it once—then a budget wedding video will fit the bill.

One thing I want to urge you, no matter how you value your wedding film... video tends to be booked as a last minute add-on to a wedding and oftentimes your first, second, and sometimes third choices are already booked. 



Your wedding film has one of the highest return on investments of anything you can by for your entire wedding. 

Weddings are spectacular events. They're beautifully produced, gorgeous affairs celebrating you. So much effort goes into planning this party of a lifetime. With the amount of planning that goes into your wedding, it's hard to imagine it going by so fast that you'd barely experience it—but that happens to every couple. 

Your adrenaline is high, your the stars and everyone needs your attention—you barely get a moment to breathe and take it all in. And in a blink... it's over. The cake is eaten, the flowers preserved, the menu and program are scrapbooked. Your pictures are hung with great care.

But the only thing that will allow you to relive the biggest day in your life is your wedding video. The sights, the sounds, the laughter—all the moments you didn't get to see... those are preserved forever in your wedding video.

It's one of the greatest investments to preserve your wedding day that you can make.  

I'm not even sure I want a wedding video.

How do I decide if getting one is right for me?

With the craziness and excitement of the day, I had forgotten many details of my ceremony, and could not be more pleased with the finished product.

It truly played out like a movie, a beautiful story of our day.
— Cindy