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What's your filming and editing style for wedding videos?

We create modern wedding films that are shot and edited using a cinematic storytelling technique. 

You won't watch your wedding video unless it's compelling enough to keep you interested, which is why we edit your film using a storytelling technique used by Hollywood movie producers. 

We've spent years crafting our technique to make sure your wedding film genuinely reflects the story of your lives, a story that you can share for generations to come. 

You should be proud of your wedding film. It should make you feel spectacular every time you watch it. 

 Boston wedding videographer | Cape Cod Wedding Videographer
We absolutely love our wedding video. Sean did a great job weaving all the different aspects of the day into a cohesive, concise, moving, beautiful story.
— Namia



No. Sneak peeks are 30-60 second super short films, with music, delivered within 7 days of your wedding. They’re designed to get you excited for what’s yet to come! They’re complimentary with every package.

A wedding trailer is 3-5 minutes long. They’re available as an add-on to your package.

Our feature length films (which come with every package) have a runtime of up to 20 minutes.

 Boston wedding videographer | Cape Cod Wedding Videographer
Sean was so easy and comfortable to work with from the very beginning. He caught all those special moments of our day without ever being intrusive.

I genuinely wish I’d spent more time getting to know him during the night.
— Kaitlin


How much are your wedding video packages?

To provide you with the very best wedding film experience, we've carefully crafted a series of wedding video packages that have a starting price of $3,200. 

Every package comes with two professional cinematographers and a lighting/audio technician, your ceremony coverage has 4 cameras for a myriad of angles and reactions.

We do not offer a single camera wedding film option.

Single camera coverage cannot replicate the artistic style that we're known for. We want you to have a beautiful, high-quality film that is worthy of your memories.

Contact us here for our welcome packet. In it you'll find detailed information about our filming and editing process, our wedding video packages, the price of our wedding collections, and add-on options that will enhance your video experience.

When's the best time to book wedding video? ASAP. 

Wedding video tends to be booked as a last minute add-on to a wedding and oftentimes your first, second, and sometimes third choices are already booked.

You've worked too hard on your wedding to end up with a wedding video you'll only watch once or twice, try to make this decision as soon as possible. 

 Boston wedding videographer | Cape Cod Wedding Videographer
We were unsure of whether or not we wanted to spend the money on a videographer but we are so happy that we decided to and can’t wait to watch the video for many years to come.
— Jenna


Is a wedding film worth the investment? We're more photo people than anything.

Your wedding film has one of the highest return on investments of anything you can by for your entire wedding. 

Weddings are spectacular events. They're beautifully produced, gorgeous affairs celebrating you. So much effort goes into planning this party of a lifetime.

With the amount of planning that goes into your wedding, it's hard to imagine it going by so fast that you'd barely experience it—but that happens to every single couple—no exceptions. 

The only thing that will allow you to truly relive the biggest day in your life is your wedding video.

Because of its dynamic nature; the movement and the sound that's capture, you get you experience all the joy, laughter, emotion—and all the moments you didn't get to see during the day... these moments are preserved forever in your wedding video.

It's one of the greatest investments to preserve your wedding day that you can make.  

 Boston wedding videographer | Cape Cod Wedding Videographer
With the craziness and excitement of the day, I had forgotten many details of my ceremony, and could not be more pleased with the finished product.

It truly played out like a movie, a beautiful story of our day.
— Cindy


How long are your wedding films?

We have several types of films all vary in length. 

The centerpiece to our packages is our cinematic feature length wedding film that runs approximately 15-25 minutes. Your package also includes a separate cinematic sneak peek trailer that runs from 30-60 seconds. 

We offer a mid-length cinematic wedding trailer that runs approximately 3+ minutes as an add-on to your package as well as reception & ceremony featurettes—which are documentary style edits of your full-length ceremony and reception.

Featurette films vary by the length of your ceremony. If your ceremony is 60 minutes, your ceremony featurette will be 60 minutes.


What do you need from us to book our wedding video?

First, we need you to contact us ASAP.

We generally book out 12 months in advance for popular, in-season wedding dates (September, October, May, June and August). Please fill out that inquiry form and Cindy will get back to you within a few hours with everything you need to know about our availability and services we offer. 

Generally, we require a signed contract and a 50% deposit to hold your date. We do our best to be flexible.

We accept checks, credit cards, Venmo, and we're also happy to develop a payment plan and to help defer the costs.  


Do you film same-sex weddings?

Yes! We're friendly, accommodating, and we believe that the love between same sex people is just as sacred as anyone else's. You should feel comfortable that your vendors also celebrate in your union. 

Love is love no matter who it is. We're honored to be a part of the LGBTQ+ wedding experience. 


Do you travel?

Yes! we love to travel, experience new locations and venues!

We do have travels fees associated for bookings more than two hours outside of Cape Cod and to Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket. At this time we only travel to the continental US. 

We'd love to talk and see if there’s a special package we can work out for you!