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How soon should I hire wedding video?

How soon should I hire wedding video?

This depends on when you're getting married. If you're getting married during a very popular wedding month (the most popular month to get married in the northeast is September), you should typically hire your videographer about 10-18 months before your wedding date.

We're usually booked 12-16 months out for our most popular wedding date.  

If you're having a short engagement or making a last minute addition to your vendors, we might still have your date (so always check). The earlier you can reserve your date, the better chance you’ll have us be there!



We are so grateful that you're considering us for such an important day in your lives.. 

We request a 50% deposit and a signed contract to secure your date. (Although, we do offer flexible monthly installment payment plans for your wedding film with no additional fee).

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How many videographers will be at my wedding?


Our wedding film crew is made up of 3 people. Sean and Cindy are your lead cameras and an assistant. We no longer offer single camera packages as our style cannot be replicated with a single camera person.

Having an assistant means that we get to spend more time filming your wedding and less time setting up our equipment or running to get fresh batteries and extra memory cards.

Do you film same sex weddings?

Do you film same sex weddings?

Absolutely! We're honored to be a part of LGBTQ+ weddings. 

We're believe that the love between two people is sacred, regardless of who loves who. We want you to feel comfortable and excited that we celebrate your marriage with you. 

You can view one of our favorite samples here: Beth and Sarah's Martha's Vineyard Wedding

Do you film elopements or engagements?

Do you film elopements or engagements?

Absolutely, we love being there to capture the small intimate moments in your life. We are happy to provide a customized quote for intimate weekday or off-season weddings requiring less coverage. 

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How much are your wedding video packages?

How much are your wedding video packages?

Every wedding is different and the range for what people will spend on their wedding film varies. 

We've created elopement packages for four hours on a weekday in January for a small budget, but we'll also film three-day weekend events during peak wedding season for 5 figures.

We film weddings locally and are up for filming weddings that take place thousands of miles away. Please contact us and I'll send you detailed pricing information and package options for your wedding. 

How do we choose a package?


Know that we always start out with 2 shooters (Cindy and Sean) and a videography assistant.

From there, you can choose from the three pre-existing packages we've created or if you require something more individualized, we can build you a custom package based on exactly what you need.

Our pricing guide lists the general type of weddings that each package has been built for. No worries if your wedding doesn't fit those descriptions exactly. It's just a guideline. 

Another company has this same package for $1,500

Another company has this same package for $1,500

There are as many videographers and price points as there are couples getting married. And the hard truth is, you only get one chance to get your wedding film right.

If you are considering going with someone that's willing to film all day with multiple camera people, give you all of the things (raw footage, DVDs, drone footage, final film, etc.) for $1,500, you might want to take a closer look and see what is missing. Is it experience? Professionalism? Creativity? Personality? Trustworthiness?

Most 2-3 minute highlight reels are designed to give you the feels. These films use their best best shots, and it will rarely include audio from the ceremony or reception. That makes a nice music video. But it's hard to call that a story and without professional audio it does little to preserve your actual wedding memories. 

Your wedding video is one of the only items you get to take away with you from your wedding day. Minute for minute, it packs in the most amount of memories and experience from your big day.

So before you make a decision purely based on price, keep in mind that you can’t go back and get more footage, or better audio once it happens. 

How long will it take to receive my wedding film?


Depending on the time of the year it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 months to receive your feature length wedding film. Highlight films average about 6 weeks. Your sneak peek is released within 7 days of your wedding.

In 2018, our feature films averaged around a 2-3 month editing time.

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