We focus on creating a modern wedding films that you and your family are going to want to watch over and over again.

The final videos are just the right length (~20 minutes) for a gratifying story but not so long that you get bored. Your story is with a mixture of whimsey and realism making for an authentic experience, capturing one of the biggest days of your life. 


I have true passion for what I do. Framing a story and helping it come together as a film is in honor, in the real sense of the word. To do that successfully, I find that it's important to develop a bond with the couples that hire me. I know that some outlets will tell you that it's not important that you jive with your videographer but I heartily disagree. 

The unique bond that develops between me and my clients is essential to how a film comes out. I also keep in touch after the wedding, mostly because they're just cool people—which is part of what makes my job so awesome and it's not something I take for granted.

I do everything I can to keep my couples happy and make sure their big day is perfect. It's one of the biggest and most important days of their lives, one that will be remembered over their entire life and that is something I want to be a part of. 

I also completely understand that a wedding video is an investment, not just monetarily, but it's an investment in remembering all of the efforts and hard work that was put into creating a pivotal day that's only for the two of you—that's something that should be remembered for exactly what it was and not because you were disappointing that your videographer didn't step up.  

We're just shopping around, how much are your packages for wedding video?

To give you a broad idea, my packages are comparable to professional photographers in the area and you can contact me here for my welcome packet and pricing guide.

I want to take a moment to urge you, the old adage is true, you do get what you pay for and you want to make sure you get the quality your memories deserve.

Despite it's vital roll, video tends to be booked as a last minute add-on and a lot of times brides (and their families) are going through shopper's fatigue. 

Your wedding video will be with you for the rest of your life. Long after the wedding cake has been eaten and your dress has been lovingly stored, your wedding video is going to be only full-sensory reminder of all that happened in your wedding day. 

Like everything else you planned so carefully for your wedding, make sure to get exactly what you want and not compromise.   


First, if you need help figuring out if a wedding video is a good option for you I recommend reading our blog post on The 5 Essential Questions Every Couple Should Ask Before Getting A Wedding Video. It helps to eliminate overwhelm and narrow down your focus on what's most important to you, complete with a worksheet to work it all out.

In regards to reassuring you that you're totally covered, the prep for your wedding begins long before your actual wedding date.

Before your wedding day I coordinate with your other vendors, scout locations and venues, and create a game plan with my team that covers the specifics of your wedding day timeline so that nothing is missed. If you've requested a drone, I check with your venue and local town laws regarding drone usage to make sure we're complying with the law. 

I have multiple back-up cameras & supporting equipment and my audio is triple covered—in the event something does happen to make sure that your footage and audio is secure.

I personally shoot as the primary camera at every wedding. I have never missed filming a wedding, ever. Not through a hurricane or through sickness.

But should something absolutely dire happen, 1.) I will make you aware of it. I run my business with complete transparency and don't spring surprises on anyone. 2.) I have an exceptionally competent team who can take over for me should I find myself laid up in the hospital somewhere. 

So you can rest assured that you're covered.

Relax, enjoy, and have the time of your life.

Where are you located?

Harborview Studios is located in Centerville, MA—the heart of Cape Cod, Massachusetts; with Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Providence, and Newport, as part of our most heavily filmed areas.

Although my team and I mostly stay local,  we're more than happy to travel for weddings so don't hesitate to contact me about your wedding, no matter where it is!