Nantucket Wedding Video

It was love at first sight.

Love at first sight, we all know what it looks like from whimsical novels and romantic comedies. It’s that improbable moment that the new girl at work being introduced to a coworker. In a flash nothing else exists except for what their lives will look like together.

Is it true that love at first sight is a work of fiction? Not according to Mike and Elle. Their story began exactly like that one fateful day at work four years ago in Dayton, Ohio.

It wasn’t too long before that first meeting evolved into Happy Hour margaritas (Hello, Bad Juans!) and those margaritas evolved into an official date two days later.

Things just took off from there.

“Mike is incredibly kind and thoughtful. He is one of the most dependable people I’ve ever met, and his humor makes me belly laugh—although I hold it in because I don’t want him getting too big of a head!”

Polar opposites in many ways—with Mike having to contend with Ellie’s sassiness and Ellie having to sometimes shrink from Mike’s (often unknown) ribald sense of humor.

Yet through it all, Mike keeps her grounded:

“Whenever I explain to others how I view our relationship, I use the analogy that I am like a balloon that is ready to float away, and Mike is the decorative sand bag tethered to the balloon to keep it grounded. To me, that describes Mike and I perfectly.”

“We are such polar opposites, yet so much of what I lack is a such a strength of Mikes—and vice versa. We compliment each other so well that we are better individuals because of the other person.”

His proposal.

The proposal came in June 2016 during a weekend celebrating her grandfathers 80th birthday. A seemingly innocent family photo outing turned out to be a set up as Mike surprised Ellie by getting down on one knee as they posed for pictures.

“I was absolutely shocked, and just stared at Mike with my mouth hanging open until finally I could feel my legs again and walked over to him. But walking really doesn’t accurately describe that, more or less I limped over to Mike because I had just had foot surgery 10 days earlier and was in an awful boot that was terrible to walk in!”

“Once I did manage to get to him I waited and waited for him to say something, and then finally Mike blurted out, ‘Wanna get hitched?’ Of course I said yes, and then we finished the night off with champagne and dinner at the restaurant where we had had our first date.”

The couple might as well have been scripted straight from a romantic comedy the way some of their trips have gone. From perfect nights at the Tiki Bar in Sanibel, FL to driving each other mad on the streets of NYC from the worst choice in shoes for walking and then laughing until they were crying at a Piano bar… these two make even the seemingly insignificant moments in life memorable.

Buying their first house and forgiving dirty socks.

Most recently they tested each other’s patience by buying their first house together.

And after four years as a couple, they definitely understand how much work goes into making a relationship work by focusing on the big picture and letting life’s little annoyances go.

“Being loyal, honest, compassionate and kind would describe values that are really important to the both of us…life is not always easy, especially when you are buying and moving into a new house, but relationships are hard work and the reward is greater than any argument you may have about dirty dishes or socks being left out.”

I’m pretty sure all co-existing couples can totally relate to those dirty socks…

Now their wedding is behind them and they are looking ahead towards a bright future with some big plans, including starting a family (both of the human and the furry, four legged variety) and establishing a home where friends and family will gather and create new memories.

“I think what I’m looking forward to the most with Michael is growing together to becoming better people and stronger in our relationship. I have had wonderful examples of what strong marriages can look like, and I am excited to think of Mike and I showing our children what a strong, healthy, and real marriage can be!”

What Ellie has to say to couples thinking about getting a wedding video.

When it comes to getting a wedding video, Ellie has some advice for future couples who are considering hiring a wedding cinematographer:

“Just do it. No question about it. Mike and I have easily watched our video trailer already 50 times, at least, and we just can’t get enough. There is something so special about getting to view video footage from your wedding that pictures just can’t convey.

I knew I wanted a video of my wedding the moment my Grandparents took out their video and showed me their wedding from the 50’s. It was a silent video, but it was just so special to see how young and in love my grandparent’s were/are and I just envisioned the same experience with my own future children and grandchildren.

Your wedding is one of the greatest days of your life and a video ensures you get to relive the magic anytime you need a little reminder of how special and blessed you are to be with your spouse.”

I loved working with Ellie and Mike and I wish them enduring happiness through all their years.



Wedding highlight trail shot on location at White Elephant Resort in Nantucket.

Ellie and Mike have a special connection to Nantucket

It seemed fitting for Nantucket to be the place for them to exchange their wedding vows.

“Pick someone who is kind,” is what Ellie’s sister said in her maid of honor speech at this gorgeous Nantucket wedding. And Mike just happens to be the nicest person Ellie has ever met.

There was no shortage of smiles and laughter on this day that could easily be marked as one of the happiest days of Mike and Ellie’s lives.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to work with a couple that feels like family. Mike and Ellie (and their whole family) where that couple. Ellie’s mom wanted to surprise Ellie with a wedding video and we all bonded instantly.

We’re so honored to have been able to share this time with these two families. And we look forward to the day when they return to the Cape so we can continue the celebration.

Vendors at Ellie & Mike's Wedding
Wedding photography: Blink of An Eye Photography  |  Wedding videography: Harborview Studios  |  Beach Ceremony location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Nantucket, MA  |  Reception venue: White Elephant Hotel  |  Florist: Flowers on Chestnut  |  Stationary: AMGDesignCo  |  Wedding cake designer: Cake Nantucket