Are you ready for a wedding film
that actually tells your story?

You're a couple that is tender and nostalgic in all the right ways. The time you spend with friends and family means everything. You want a wedding film that honors your love and history as a couple at the same time it captures all the best times with friends and family that are sharing this historic moment with you.   

You need filmmakers who want to know the real you and make you feel comfortable to be yourselves in front of the cameras. Sean and I will work with you to create a handcrafted wedding film that is uniquely you, showcasing your biggest moments and celebrating the smallest.

No matter where life takes you, your story is what you have.
It's yours forever, and it's time to get started on preserving it.

and not something that you see everywhere else...

Honesty and transparency make up our core beliefs. Every wedding is unique, so we work closely with you to create a package that's the perfect fit for you (making sure you don't miss out on anything)!

Whether you're going all in on a big bash, opting for a smaller more intimate ceremony among your closest family & friends, or even taking the road less traveled by eloping—we've got you covered.

customize the perfect wedding video package that's just right for your wedding

wedding packages for big weddings, small weddings, & Elopements

your wedding film investment

Our ESSENTIAL WEDDING FILM COLLECTIONS are everything you need for a full day event, from getting ready to dancing. They're the perfect fit for couples with full size weddings looking to remember the best night of their lives.

Our ELOPEMENT FILM COLLECTIONS are our creative twist on "we just want something simple" for elopements and micro weddings. Especially good for COVID-19 celebrations right now.

Our SMALL WEDDING FILM COLLECTIONS are fabulous for when you're having more than an elopement but not quite a full scale wedding and your needs are not as big. It's the perfect way to remember your intimate wedding. 


we should definitely

Sounds good, right?

You've made the decision to get a wedding film 

So, you know you want a wedding film but hate how most feel like they were built from a template. And you're thinking, "Hey, this funny, adorbs couple seem like they get us!"

What do you do next?

This is super easy, first, fill out our contact form. This opens the door for us to have a conversation about your vision. There are absolutely no strings attached and you don't get a hard sell. (yuck.) 

What this does is helps us do everything in our power to be the best wedding videographers for you—because that’s exactly what your Cape Cod or New England wedding deserves.

you're feeling the wedding video vibes

On our call, we’ll talk about all the little details of your Cape Cod or New England wedding: your goals for the day, the feelings you want from your film, the logistics, and what elements of your wedding day are most important to you.

We'll encourage you to think about the story you want your film to represent. If you're unsure and need a little help, we'll guide you through options and strategies on how to get the exact story that's right for you.

During this call you can get a feel for whether we’re the right wedding videographers for your Cape Cod or New England wedding.

a helpful and warm conversation



At this point, you’ve decided we’re the wedding videographers for you. (Whoo!) We’ve talked about what you’re looking for in a film and how to get it—whether that's a family heirloom, a way for people to be involved that weren't able to attend, or just flat out have something FUN to watch—and you've gotten a proposal from us.

We’re always accessible to answer any last minute questions you may have about wedding videography. One of the biggest reasons our couples enjoy working with us is because we’re always there for them, even before they're officially clients. We know how difficult this process can be, and we’re here to help. We never leave any couples fending for themselves.

you think you're ready to get serious


You’ve reviewed your proposal & contract and you've decided to make it official. Now what?

To officially book us as the videographers for your Cape Cod or New England wedding all we need is a signed contract and a payment of your reservation fee. Super easy. Now you’re on our calendar. Whoo!

It doesn't end there, though. We're not those videographers you never hear from again until a week before your wedding. We stay involved. Armed with our bag of best (or worst) dad jokes we go about fully knowing you as a couple so you can confidently rock your wedding film experience.

you put a ring on it (figuratively)


um... what do you do next?



If you feel like you're a couple that has a similar style as ours, we would love to film your wedding!

We’re looking for couples that genuinely love Cape Cod and New England as much as we do. Couples who are as laid back, fun-loving, and unafraid to be themselves as we are—because we know that those are the stories we excel at telling.

We are looking to book more weddings and elopements that are interested in telling their whole story to create a unique and special heirloom to enjoy forever.