How Much is a Wedding Videographer: Your Wedding Video Questions Answered

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Cindy Caughey

In this podcast episode we answer all the common question. How much is a wedding videographer? When should I book? Is videography worth it? And more!

How Much is a Wedding Videographer

I had the great honor and privilege of being interviewed by Desirée Adams of Verve Event Co. for her podcast, Ask the Planner

Ask the Planner is a popular podcast where Des spills the tea about planning your wedding and gives you an exclusive insider’s look at planning your wedding according to the experts.

In short, this podcast is AMAZING. It’s helpful and you’re going to hear so many great tips and behind-the-scenes info about weddings that you’re not going to get anywhere else.  


For those of you who don’t already know, Desirée is a luxury wedding planner, educator, and host of the Ask the Planner podcast. Her work has been seen in outlets including the Today Show, New York Magazine, Parade, Inspired by This! and Bridal Musings. She has appeared on multiple podcasts, including The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, Your I Do Crew, and The Wedpreneur.

She has received awards from The Knot, Wedding Wire, and the International Live Events Association (ILEA). In 2019, she was one of the first wedding vendors to launch an Alexa Flash Briefing: Ask the Planner.

Focusing on efficient processes and modern design, Desirée helps sophisticated couples enjoy planning heirloom occasions so they still have time for #allthethings. For her, life is too short to be wasted on moments without meaning.

Desirée is a recovering grammar queen and loves staying fit. When not planning, you can find her leading dance parties with her interns (aka her kids), or buying macarons to share with her husband, whom she met while attending a high school leadership conference.

We answered all the common question couples ask when they’re considering a wedding videographer

1. Do I need a wedding videographer?

2. What is the average cost of a wedding videographer?

3. Is a wedding videographer worth it?

4. Should I Hire a professional videographer for my rehearsal dinner?

5. When should I plan on booking a wedding videographer?

We answered all of it, and more! (In my usual refreshing no holds barred way—like your best friend who tells you there’s spinach in your teeth when no one else will.)

Here’s a summary of our interview:

  • Meet Cindy Caughey of Harborview Studios [4:30]
  • When should couples booking their wedding videographer? [12:49]
  • What’s the difference between cinematographers, filmmakers, and videographers, and does that affect the pricing? [15:34]
  • What are the differences between larger wedding video companies and boutique studios? [26:17]
  • Should couples believe reviews? [36:56]
  • How much is wedding videography and what do the different film edits mean? [34:32]
  • Should couples hire a videographer for the Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party? Why or why not? [47:21]
  • How do couples know if they’ve found the right videographer for them? [50:39]
  • Final thoughts [53:44]
  • What moments give you the most joy and are the most meaningful to you? [59:22]

Step 1: Listen to the episode and let us know your thoughts!

I had such a great time talking with Desirée about what couples can expect when it comes to wedding videography. There’s still so much the industry doesn’t tell you about wedding films (or things that are flat out WRONG) because the focus is elsewhere. And we’re here to set the record straight.

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And check out the multitude of things Des has to support you throughout planning

If you need more help knowing what to say when you reach out to a potential wedding vendor or what questions you should be asking them just like in today’s episode, Desirée has created a killer Wedding Vendor Email Templates and Interview Questions in the Wedding Planning Template Shop. Go to (For the week of Cyber Monday, you can get 20% off your entire order until midnight on Friday, December 3rd with the code CYBER21. Visit

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