Audio is essential to your film and
Missing this one detail can ruin your wedding video

August 22, 2017


You might not think much about audio when it comes to your wedding video. But when you hire a professional cinematographer you’re going to want to know they’re thinking about it. A lot.

Audio in wedding videos is a critically undervalued detail.

Unfortunately, audio is something that too many wedding videographers often undervalue. And bad audio can significantly impact the quality of your film.

If it’s bad enough, it can ruin your wedding film completely.

Poor quality equipment or the lack of proper audio hookups and can loose that precious anecdote from your mom or your best friend forever.

Taking a cue from Hollywood.

If you ever watch a behind-the-scenes video of any Hollywood movie or TV show, you may catch the boom operator holding a long boom pole with a shotgun mic attached to the end.

Microphones are held inches away from an actor’s face—just out of frame. Or for a wide shot, the actors wear a hidden lapel microphone somewhere on their clothing.

For Harborview Studios’s productions, the groom and officiant will be wearing lapel mics.

If these two people are not mic’d you will get bad audio quality for your wedding video. Chances are excellent that you won’t hear your vows.

We also make sure to use separate audio recorders that connect directly to a DJ or band’s soundboard and mini shotgun mics that pick up desired ambient audio.

It is absolutely key to making a high-end wedding video worth watching over and over.

These audio moments are what brings the whole film to life 




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