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Wychmere Beach Club

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Wychmere is the perfect place for a wedding—the gorgeous ocean views, the sandy beaches, incredible rooms, and more. Kristen and Josh fell in love with the natural beauty and couldn’t wait to put their stamp on it all.


Kristen & Josh’s August Cape Cod Wedding at Wychmere

They loved expressing their personalities with a classic & stylish wedding at Wychmere

Having texted every day since June 20, 2013—let me tell you, these two best friends could not be more excited to share the rest of their lives together.

What Josh and Kristen looked forward to the most (besides being married) was having fun celebrating with our friends and family while expressing themselves with a classic & stylish wedding at Wychmere. (And it was getting close to go time!)

Their First Look At The Overlook At Wychmere Harbor​

A private moment for them before their biggest day kicked off

The allure of the traditional aisle reveal can be strong, but for introverts and couples who feel like they might get overwhelmed on their wedding day, we highly recommend going with a first look. 

Kristen & Josh wanted more of a private moment where they could decompress right before the day kicked off. They used this moment to ground each other and take in the moment with grace and gratitude. 

A few minutes later they were joined by friends and family to take some portraits with Angela Greenlaw—the wedding party was sizable and so this was an excellent choice so that they would be able to enjoy some of the cocktail hour they were so looking forward to!

The Wedding Ceremony On Wychmere Beach Club’s Grande Lawn

Vows complimented by Wychmere’s romantic ocean view

With a 6′ lace train on her wedding gown, Kristen’s processional was one of the most gorgeous we’ve seen. And their large wedding party of 16 attendants made the walk just as gracefully.

As a sailboat glided by in the canal next to their wedding, Kristen and Josh said their vows and became husband and wife.

Their officiant, Faith Lavender, told the story of their love and what Kristen and Josh love most about each other.

Kristen said of Josh that he has an unmatched passion for learning, loves that he’s constantly curious, easy going fun to be around and someone you can rely on. Has brought balance to her life taught her to be more patient and adventurous and he’s her best friend.

Josh said that Kristen keeps him in check when I get to be a little overconfident, and helps to hold me up when I need it. We are each other’s sounding boards and help each other to make decisions. She is always herself and never tries to anyone or anything other than that.

As they took their vows, Kirsten’s voice shook as she held back tears of happiness. But that quickly changed to laughter as she had a hard time getting the ring on his finger that has become swollen in the summer heat. [see it at 8:11]

They had both married the loves of their lives and were complete with each other.

Cocktail Hour In Wychmere’s Hydrangea Room The Dock

Scenic photos by Wychmere’s dock and canal

All kinds of delicacies were served to guests in the Hydrangea Room. And guests mingled on the brick patio as they began the celebration.

Scenic photos with friends were taken on the dock by the canal while Josh, Kristen, and their crew had their professional photo session out on the boardwalk leading out to the private beach.

And finally, it was time for the big celebration with family and friends.

Wedding Reception In The Harbor Room Of Wychmere Beach Club​

Toasts that steal your heart and the greatest dance party, ever

Kristen’s MOH’s toast was everything you could ever want it to be. [3:03]

And Josh’s best man broke down in tears as he toasted to the bride and groom, saying how grateful he was that his best friend was marrying the love of his life and they all knew it was forever the moment they first met. [11:31]

The greatest dance party with the help of Wilson Steve’s Band, Eye 2 Eye. The group passed a GoPro around to capture off the cuff, candid moments of themselves having the time of their lives on the dance floor.

The night was special and incredible all rolled into one. Exactly how they envisioned.

Thank you for Trusting us to film your Wychmere wedding

Kristen & Josh, thank you so much for letting us capture your best day ever. It was an honor being part of your love story. We wish you all the happiness the world has to offer!

Vendors that made their Wychmere Beach Club Wedding so Beautiful

Band: Wilson Stevens Bands, Eye 2 Eye⁠

Flowers: Designers Touch

Hair & Make-up: Artworx

Officiant: Rev. Faith Lavendar⁠

Photography: Angela Greenlaw⁠

Venue: Wychmere Beach Club 

Videography: Harborview Studios


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