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Striking Pops of Wildflowers and Elevated Beach Vibe at Popponesset Inn

Elevated Cape Cod beach vibe of pale blue and grey with colorful pops of peach, poppy red, and orange

When we asked Cassidy what made them pick the Popponesset Inn for her wedding, her exact words were “I’m on the beach but I will NOT be standing in the sand!”

While I’ll heartily admit that IS a huge benefit to being married under that permanent tent of the Popponesset—Sean and I agree that Cassidy and John having some fond memories and family history with the venue might have something to do with it as well.

(When you eat copious amounts of lobster at The Raw Bar that faces out to the Popponesset—and you’re in a long-term relationship—it’s hard not to get some ideas.)

Getting a videographer for their Popponesset wedding

What to do when you've never seen a photo or video of yourself you've liked

Cassidy admits she’d never seen a photograph or video of herself that she’d ever liked! And when she laughs really hard she makes what she thinks is a really ugly face. (We beg to differ, but we also understand what it’s like to feel self-conscious.)

And they weren’t sure whether they should get a wedding videographer or not. They were REALLY on the fence about the whole thing.

John was more leaning towards it (he doesn’t have the face problem), but what really put the decision in the “go for it” column was that after watching a ton of wedding videos on YouTube and silently weeping at strangers’ vows—Cassidy was finally convinced it should happen. 

Sean and Cindy are the very best. They are so kind, hilarious, friendly, and talented. They will make you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day, even if you hate being filmed like I do. Cindy leant so much of her time to answering my insane emails and giving advice about things that extend far beyond just videography.

Thank you for having us film your wedding at the Poppy

It was an honor and a blast to have captured your memories. It's a true joy to have couples as fun and authentic as you.

Cassidy & John, even though our extra time together was due to a global pandemic, we loved every extra second we were able to support you. 

Cassidy, we hope John heeds your wishes and your future not be filled with any surprises in the least, that your home continues to be full of laughter (the intentional and unintentional kinds), with many more cat parody songs to come.

Cheers to you both (John, I hope you’ve got a fruity vodka cocktail in your hand)!!

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