Even An Ocean Couldn't Keep Them Apart
Chelsea and Ryan’s Love Story

April 4, 2018


Cindy Caughey

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Cape Cod wedding filmed at Cape Club in 2017.

Sometimes love is found just down the street. Sometimes it’s found in another town. And sometimes love is found clear across the world.

Such was the case for Chelsea and Ryan.

Chelsea’s fateful trip to the US

On a chance visit from England, Chelsea happened to stay at an inn owned by Ryan’s family.

Their fateful first meeting occurred at one of the inn’s summer clambakes. Their eyes met, they started talking and instantly bonded over their love of the British TV show, Mr. Bean.

From there, their love grew quickly. Starting out with Ryan flying to her home in England so he could take her on a date. Or two.

“He took me to places and restaurants I had never been. He really went above and beyond to make it special. And it worked as two weeks later I was back in the United States and the rest is history!” Chelsea said.

Despite the little things in a relationship that will drive a couple crazy at times, like his intense passion for politics and her never-ending love for aerosol deodorant, their bond is undeniable.

Chivalry is alive and well in the 21st century

Chelsea particularly loves that Ryan is an old school romantic with his chivalric personality—pulling out her chair, holding doors open for her, and always putting her first. When Ryan finally proposed, Chelsea said it couldn’t have been more romantic.

“On one very special trip to Disney World, Ryan got down on one knee in front of Cinderella’s Castle and asked me to make him the happiest man alive and marry him. I couldn’t wait to say YES! The man, the setting, the ring—everything was beyond perfect!”

What’s made them a strong couple

Throughout their relationship they experienced the kinds of joys and difficulties that make a couple stronger, further cementing their bright future ahead.

Whether it’s adopting their dog Brody, or spending some quiet moments together at Ryan’s family lake house in NH or enduring the challenges of a long distance relationship, this couple is ready to face whatever the future brings.

“We understand each other and have a special kind of love that you only read about in fairytales and romance novels. We support each others weaknesses and always strive to bring out the best in each other.”

After a beautiful autumn storybook wedding Chelsea and Ryan are ready to settle in, start a family, and create lasting memories. When they look back, they are also grateful that they’ll have a way to relive their most special day by watching their wedding film.

“We always want to remember the feeling that we had on our wedding day. It was beyond special. Not only did we say our vows, our family and friends had traveled far and wide to be with us, to celebrate with us and see us in our new life together. We want to look back on our video and have it bring back the love and happiness we felt on that day.”

Chelsea’s advice about whether or not you should get a wedding film

Chelsea has some advice for newly engaged couples planning their wedding day: You’re definitely going to want to get the video!

“Just do it—put it in your budget right from the beginning. Candles will burn out and the flowers will wilt, but your video and photographs will last a lifetime.”


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