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It was love at first sight.

Love at first sight, we all know what it looks like from whimsical novels and romantic comedies. It’s that improbable moment that the new girl at work being introduced to a coworker. In a flash nothing else exists except for what their lives will look like together.

Is it true that love at first sight is a work of fiction? Not according to Mike and Elle. Their story began exactly like that one fateful day at work four years ago in Dayton, Ohio.

It wasn’t too long before that first meeting evolved into Happy Hour margaritas (Hello, Bad Juans!) and those margaritas evolved into an official date two days later.

Things just took off from there.

“Mike is incredibly kind and thoughtful. He is one of the most dependable people I’ve ever met, and his humor makes me belly laugh—although I hold it in because I don’t want him getting too big of a head!”

Polar opposites in many ways—with Mike having to contend with Ellie’s sassiness and Ellie having to sometimes shrink from Mike’s (often unknown) ribald sense of humor.

Yet through it all, Mike keeps her grounded:

“Whenever I explain to others how I view our relationship, I use the analogy that I am like a balloon that is ready to float away, and Mike is the decorative sand bag tethered to the balloon to keep it grounded. To me, that describes Mike and I perfectly.”

“We are such polar opposites, yet so much of what I lack is a such a strength of Mikes—and vice versa. We compliment each other so well that we are better individuals because of the other person.”

His proposal.

The proposal came in June 2016 during a weekend celebrating her grandfathers 80th birthday. A seemingly innocent family photo outing turned out to be a set up as Mike surprised Ellie by getting down on one knee as they posed for pictures.

“I was absolutely shocked, and just stared at Mike with my mouth hanging open until finally I could feel my legs again and walked over to him. But walking really doesn’t accurately describe that, more or less I limped over to Mike because I had just had foot surgery 10 days earlier and was in an awful boot that was terrible to walk in!”

“Once I did manage to get to him I waited and waited for him to say something, and then finally Mike blurted out, ‘Wanna get hitched?’ Of course I said yes, and then we finished the night off with champagne and dinner at the restaurant where we had had our first date.”

The couple might as well have been scripted straight from a romantic comedy the way some of their trips have gone. From perfect nights at the Tiki Bar in Sanibel, FL to driving each other mad on the streets of NYC from the worst choice in shoes for walking and then laughing until they were crying at a Piano bar… these two make even the seemingly insignificant moments in life memorable.

Buying their first house and forgiving dirty socks.

Most recently they tested each other’s patience by buying their first house together.

And after four years as a couple, they definitely understand how much work goes into making a relationship work by focusing on the big picture and letting life’s little annoyances go.

“Being loyal, honest, compassionate and kind would describe values that are really important to the both of us…life is not always easy, especially when you are buying and moving into a new house, but relationships are hard work and the reward is greater than any argument you may have about dirty dishes or socks being left out.”

I’m pretty sure all co-existing couples can totally relate to those dirty socks…

Now their wedding is behind them and they are looking ahead towards a bright future with some big plans, including starting a family (both of the human and the furry, four legged variety) and establishing a home where friends and family will gather and create new memories.

“I think what I’m looking forward to the most with Michael is growing together to becoming better people and stronger in our relationship. I have had wonderful examples of what strong marriages can look like, and I am excited to think of Mike and I showing our children what a strong, healthy, and real marriage can be!”

What Ellie has to say to couples thinking about getting a wedding video.

When it comes to getting a wedding video, Ellie has some advice for future couples who are considering hiring a wedding cinematographer:

“Just do it. No question about it. Mike and I have easily watched our video trailer already 50 times, at least, and we just can’t get enough. There is something so special about getting to view video footage from your wedding that pictures just can’t convey.

I knew I wanted a video of my wedding the moment my Grandparents took out their video and showed me their wedding from the 50’s. It was a silent video, but it was just so special to see how young and in love my grandparent’s were/are and I just envisioned the same experience with my own future children and grandchildren.

Your wedding is one of the greatest days of your life and a video ensures you get to relive the magic anytime you need a little reminder of how special and blessed you are to be with your spouse.”

I loved working with Ellie and Mike and I wish them enduring happiness through all their years.



When Maddie first contacted us through a family friend, we loved her and Doug immediately—you can’t help it, she is full of personality and charm.

We became fast friends, immediately teasing each other as if we had known each other forever.

It’s this kind of charm that comes through their video. You can tell that we’re not the only ones who feel a bond with this couple. Everyone at their wedding is completely invested in their love.

Their ceremony was standing room only. Every single person in attendance was intensely listening to the hour long mass, completely transfixed on the couple at the alter. It was a ceremony so touching, I actually cried when they said their vows.

This is the love story of Maddie & Doug…

How did you first meet?

Our mutual friend Rob Dunn (a groomsman) snagged an internship as a dietician at Mass General back in April of our senior year of college at UMass Amherst, so a small group of us went out to a local bar (Stackers) on a Sunday night to grab a drink and celebrate.

Doug and I sat diagonally across the table from each other and chimed into group conversation throughout the night, but never really spent time speaking to each other except to quickly bond over liking the movie Safe Haven, which I was obsessed with at the time (hence the reference to him being my “safest haven” in my vows).

I’m not sure if Doug actually liked the movie or just wanted to agree with what I was saying, but it worked and has since become a running joke.

After leaving the bar that night, we each asked friends of ours about each other, and those friends maneuvered us into talking while out as a group later that week.

We realized we actually had a lot more in common than just Safe Haven, and the rest is history.

What were your first impressions of each other?

I think we both felt a curiosity about each other, because we immediately asked about the other once we left. Doug swears he thought I was beautiful (I beg to differ, I did not look very good), but he still remembers what I was wearing!

I just thought he was so smokin’ hot, I knew right away that I was interested.

On a deeper level, once we got to speak to each other later that week, I realized that he was just extremely kind and had a way of making me feel extremely interesting, because he is an unbelievable listener and made me feel heard right off the bat.

Doug says his first deeper impression of me was that all of our commonalities were “signs” that we were meant to be together. But my favorite “first impression” that he just told me he has of me, is that he thought I was “cool.” 🙂

How did you start dating?

The Friday after we met, Doug and his roommates threw a party that I got an invite to and was pretty nervous and excited about.

Doug’s friends warned me that he was shy and wouldn’t make the first move when I got there, and that I’d have to put in the work. But, the second I walked in Doug walked right over to hug me and asked me to be his beer pong partner (romantic, I know).

I’m the world’s worst beer pong player, but for some reason that night the fates were on my side and I’ve never played better, which got me “stuck” at the table with Doug all night. Before leaving for the night, Doug asked me to go out for lunch that weekend.

We went to the Route 9 Diner for lunch at 11:30AM, and didn’t leave until 8PM… those poor waiters! It was pretty much just understood at that point that we were dating, because we were inseparable from that point on. I mean seriously, who goes out to eat for over 8 hours and doesn’t date the person after that?!

What are three things you love about each other?

What Doug loves about Maddie:

  1. Considerate of other people
  2. She’s hilarious
  3. She breaks my stubborn routine, makes life fun and different

What Maddie loves about Doug:

  1. Always makes me feel heard and understood, is an extremely attentive listener
  2. Willing to try new things and expand his interests when I ask to do things—up for anything!
  3. Driven perfectionist who is never satisfied by anything less than his best

How did you know you were THE ONE for each other?

We both agree that we didn’t “know” on the first date, but we both had a pretty good idea after that date that this was a big deal. Doug says that his friend (and groomsman) Nick came to visit on the Cape over the first summer we were together, and they talked about the relationship.

Doug said that once he talked it all out with a buddy, he realized that I was it. I knew Doug was the one July 4th weekend the year BEFORE we got engaged, after just being together for a few months as well.

We went to the beach with our parents for an evening picnic with wine and snacks, and I was stressed because my nursing boards were coming up and I was getting ready to move to Nashville, and I realized that I really didn’t think I could imagine my life without the possibility of more nights like that.

I looked at Doug that night and totally knew that he was my person.

What are some of the quirks about each other that drives you a little crazy — things that only you guys could love about one another?

Doug tells the longest stories on the face of planet Earth. I’m not going to say that I “LOVE” that about him, but it’s one of his quirks that makes him who he is and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. He always says he “just wants everyone to have all the details of the story that he has so they can appreciate the story like he does,” and I think that’s the cutest thing ever.

He’s also the most attentive and sweet partner ever, always making sure that he’s looking out for me first and foremost.

Doug said that my “quirk” is that I use fake accents when I’m talking to him, rather often. He says it drives him crazy in a good way, but the jury’s still out on that one! Sometimes it’s a southern accent, sometimes it’s British, sometimes Australian… you just never know who you’re gonna get!

How did the proposal happen?

Once Doug was in the Navy and I lived down in Nashville, we were rarely able to visit home in Massachusetts together; and so we planned a trip home for July 4th weekend way in advance. Doug almost couldn’t get the leave granted, but thank God he did.

I picked him up from the airport on the morning of the 5th and we had plans to bring a pizza to the beach and just spend some time alone just the 2 of us, since we hadn’t seen each other in a while, and then we were going to meet his family out at a local bar we love.

Doug was super antsy when we were picking up the pizza, and I was just really hangry. Once we finally got the pizza and got to South Cape Beach, I was getting frustrated that Doug didn’t want to go sit in our usual spot—little did I know I had already walked past a photographer he had gotten to take engagement photos of us!

So we turned around and went to his preplanned spot, and I sat down to dig into the pizza.

Doug asked me to stand up again, and I was super mad because I was so hungry and just wanted to start eating… but once I got up, he got down on one knee and it all made sense.

The rest of the day was a blur—we took some photos, put the (uneaten) pizza in the trunk of the car, and drove to the Popponesset Inn where Doug and my parents had arranged an engagement party with all of our closest family and friends. We celebrated the rest of the night, and it was truly the most thoughtful and wonderful day.

And if you’re wondering, we had the engagement pizza for breakfast the next morning and it was just lovely.

Name three memorable experiences you’ve been through together as a couple.

  1. We had been dating for only a couple months and went to a Red Sox game for Doug’s birthday. My friend Ian (one of the paper cutout heads that was floating around the reception) worked for the Sox and upgraded our seat when we got there, and so Doug and I ended up in pavilion seats with a waiter and a great view.We were still in the early stages and there was still so much nervous energy between us, so this moment was just so exciting. We felt like we were living in the height of luxury—hand-delivered beer and burgers, Fenway Park, and the beginning of our relationship… we both think of it super fondly now.
  2. Doug, my sister, my roommate, and I road-tripped down to Nashville behind my parents shortly after that Red Sox game. It was a tumultuous trip to say the least, but we kept trucking along and eventually made it to our destination.It was the beginning of an entirely new life for me, the start of our long-distance relationship, and there were a lot of unknowns. But, we never questioned that we could do it, and that drive was the start of it all!
  3. Last fall when Doug moved to Milton, we picked out this apartment together, knowing that it would be the first place we would actually live together. Again with the nervous energy, we were so excited to picture it.Doug didn’t have any furniture, and so we went to Walmart and bought beanbag chairs to sit on in the living room until I moved all of my stuff down in January—we thought we were hilarious, and it really wasn’t that bad—we were just so excited to be in the “moving-in together” phase.When I finally moved in fully in January, Doug had a sign up that said “Welcome Home” and I cried, and it was the greatest day because we knew we didn’t have to do the distance any more.

How would you describe the dynamic of your relationship? Would others describe it the same way?

I think it’s pretty well acknowledged across the board that while we’re both driven and hardworking, Doug is very laser-focused, attentive, and… routine-oriented, while I am slightly more spontaneous and chaotic.

So the dynamic of our relationship works really well, because I force Doug to branch out and loosen up a little, and he pushes me to be slightly more focused.

The best part about it is that we make each other better, because we respect our differences and use them to help each other become better versions of ourselves. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

What values are important to you as a couple?

Well we’d be crazy if we got married and didn’t emphasize the fundamentals of a lasting partnership—honesty, trust, kindness, etc. We really try every day to make sure that we are emulating those values through good communication.

But we also feel like we value our openness to change and grow together over the course of our military journey.

Not all couples are willing to embrace that lifestyle, but we feel very much on the same page about keeping an open line of communication and figuring out what works on this journey that we feel lucky to be on.

We also really value the importance of pursing each other every single day. Being in love is a choice, and we really take that to heart.

When you’re looking back at this video in twenty years, what do you hope to remember about your wedding?

We left our wedding feeling so euphorically loved by so many wonderful people, and I know that that will come through in our video.

I’d imagine that’ll be the best part of watching it back in 20 years.

The overwhelming sense of happiness, and the hard work that was put into creating the most beautiful day is something that will never get old, and we can’t wait to relive that forever.

Also, I selfishly cannot wait to watch this video when we’re older and remember how smokin’ hot Doug is and how awesome it is that I snagged such a babe (although I’m sure he still will be a babe, even when we’re old).

Doug would like me to tell you that he is NOT looking forward to being reminded of his “awkward dance moves.”

Where do you see yourselves in five years, what are you most looking forward to in your future as a couple?

In 5 years, we aren’t even sure where we’ll be living (thank you, military) and so it’s hard to actually picture our life. But, we hope that we’ve established a life within our community where we feel supported and surrounded by likeminded people who love us.

We’re hoping that in 5 years we’ll have taken advantage of travel opportunities and have seen more of the world. We also hope that we will have our first dog, and our first little baby in the next couple of years (I say 2 years, Doug says 4, so we shall see!).

I think the biggest thing we hope to see about ourselves 5 years from now is that we’ve grown together as a little family unit, and that we’ve created an even more comfortable home within each other as we travel around the country.

We’re really looking forward to just getting to spend as much time together as possible and creating a life that we’re proud of.

A lot of people like to point out how young we are, but we just feel like we have a lot to look forward to and we’re glad that we get to grow up together now–we just get to be married for longer!!

What advice would you give other couples who are considering getting a wedding video?


Even though I desperately wanted one, I hesitated to book a videographer until the last minute because my parents did not understand the need and Doug and I wavered on spending the money ourselves.

BUT, luckily I won out in the end because I had a nagging thought and couldn’t get it out of my head.

The process of selecting HVS was easy because their reputation preceded them—and thank the good Lord that they were available for our day.

Following the wedding, my parents have reached out to us simply to express how wrong they were and how grateful they feel that we made it a necessity to book a videographer and that they totally understand the need now.

If I could give a piece of advice to brides in the planning stages, I would say that it is 100% where your money should go when planning your big day.

It goes by so fast and there are so many moments that I wasn’t able to see (guys getting ready, faces at the ceremony, dancing at the reception, etc.) that are now captured forever.

It is invaluable to be able to listen to your vows again, hear people’s toasts again, and actually relive the FEELING that only a video can capture.

Cape Cod wedding filmed at Cape Club in 2017.

Sometimes love is found just down the street. Sometimes it’s found in another town. And sometimes love is found clear across the world.

Such was the case for Chelsea and Ryan.

Chelsea’s fateful trip to the US

On a chance visit from England, Chelsea happened to stay at an inn owned by Ryan’s family.

Their fateful first meeting occurred at one of the inn’s summer clambakes. Their eyes met, they started talking and instantly bonded over their love of the British TV show, Mr. Bean.

From there, their love grew quickly. Starting out with Ryan flying to her home in England so he could take her on a date. Or two.

“He took me to places and restaurants I had never been. He really went above and beyond to make it special. And it worked as two weeks later I was back in the United States and the rest is history!” Chelsea said.

Despite the little things in a relationship that will drive a couple crazy at times, like his intense passion for politics and her never-ending love for aerosol deodorant, their bond is undeniable.

Chivalry is alive and well in the 21st century

Chelsea particularly loves that Ryan is an old school romantic with his chivalric personality—pulling out her chair, holding doors open for her, and always putting her first. When Ryan finally proposed, Chelsea said it couldn’t have been more romantic.

“On one very special trip to Disney World, Ryan got down on one knee in front of Cinderella’s Castle and asked me to make him the happiest man alive and marry him. I couldn’t wait to say YES! The man, the setting, the ring—everything was beyond perfect!”

What’s made them a strong couple

Throughout their relationship they experienced the kinds of joys and difficulties that make a couple stronger, further cementing their bright future ahead.

Whether it’s adopting their dog Brody, or spending some quiet moments together at Ryan’s family lake house in NH or enduring the challenges of a long distance relationship, this couple is ready to face whatever the future brings.

“We understand each other and have a special kind of love that you only read about in fairytales and romance novels. We support each others weaknesses and always strive to bring out the best in each other.”

After a beautiful autumn storybook wedding Chelsea and Ryan are ready to settle in, start a family, and create lasting memories. When they look back, they are also grateful that they’ll have a way to relive their most special day by watching their wedding film.

“We always want to remember the feeling that we had on our wedding day. It was beyond special. Not only did we say our vows, our family and friends had traveled far and wide to be with us, to celebrate with us and see us in our new life together. We want to look back on our video and have it bring back the love and happiness we felt on that day.”

Chelsea’s advice about whether or not you should get a wedding film

Chelsea has some advice for newly engaged couples planning their wedding day: You’re definitely going to want to get the video!

“Just do it—put it in your budget right from the beginning. Candles will burn out and the flowers will wilt, but your video and photographs will last a lifetime.”

How their love story began

Annina and David’s love story begins in the classrooms of Villanova University, where the sparks flew almost immediately between these freshmen after they were paired together on a class project.

During their “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering” class, Annina was immediately drawn to David’s sense of humor, while David thought Annina was sweet and “way out of my league!” he admits.

Their first date was surprisingly simple

“We had pizza after class one day at the mall.” Annina explained.

Never underestimate the power of pizza to bring people together. Yet, as the night continued, they both quickly realized how perfect they were for each other.

How they knew their love was everlasting

“I knew on our first date. After we had dinner, we had a sword fight in my front lawn using pool noodles. We ended up sitting on the living room floor talking until 2 AM,” Annina explained.

And since then, this fun couple has been inseparable. David may keep Annina laughing everyday, but he says her sense of humor is also one of the things he loves most about her–along with her creativity and drive.

What they love so much about each other

While she also appreciates David’s creativity, she also loves his intelligence and benevolence. Although David has a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times, Annina can’t help but be entertained by it.

And David is going to spend more time trying to get Annina to find more time to relax. “Annina always needs to be doing something, she isn’t good at relaxing–but I am helping her learn!”

Their first date may have been notably low-key, but for the proposal, David decided to go all out

While taking a romantic stroll in the Port Orleans gardens at Disney World, Annina was surprised by the arrival of a beautiful white horse and carriage, along with David’s marriage proposal.

Since then, this fun couple has experienced a lot, including their rigorous education at Villanova, and the challenges of moving to a new state and finding engineering jobs in their new home on Cape Cod.

Through it all, their love and sense of humor keeps everything together.

“We are always silly and love joking around with each other. We are soul mates in every sense of the word, we tend to communicate without needing to verbalize our ideas. We are always creating and designing new ideas together,” Annina said.

Looking forward to the future

While they are starting a new life together on the Cape as a couple, Annina and David look forward to building a family together as well. And when they look back on their wedding day, they are thrilled to have a video that documented everything.

Annina & David’s advice to couples considering getting wedding videography

“Our advice would be to get an artistic wedding video that captures the emotion of the day. That is the kind of video you are actually going to want to watch. Harborview Studios is perfect for the job!”