Not all couples plan on getting a wedding video at first.

Which means all too often it’s a last minute decision (one that really needs to be made sooner than later).

There’s so much to decide on and if you’re not the kind of person that video is an immediate “YES!” trying to figure out if you actually want one can be a long process.

When it’s hard make that decision, booking a wedding video is often pushed to the last minute.

Waiting until few months before the wedding to book wedding videography can be much more stressful because there are fewer open dates available, especially when it comes to popular wedding dates (like any date in September).

Most upscale wedding videographers book their dates 6-12 months in advance.

So how can this process be easier for you?


Making the decision to have a small wedding is no small feat.

I, for one, admire your choice.

There are so many cool reasons to consider a small wedding.

You can coordinate a crazy dreamy location like Iceland, Tuscany or something with more familial significance to you and yours for those closest to you (like Cape Cod). You can choose to have more parties with a more manageable number of guests. So 👏 many 👏 reasons.👏

And you might think that there’s significantly less drama.

Unfortunately, a small wedding isn’t entirely drama-free.

Amazingly enough, you still have to deal with the aftermath.

When you decide to have a small wedding, you’ve decided to cut a lot of people out.

Whether that looks like an extended family of 300 that were cut from the list, one side of the family being represented more than the other, or just that one special someone in your life that will never forget that they weren’t on your list (and will also never let you forget that).

The drama is still there and it still has to be dealt with.

And if you’re someone who hates to deal with conflict this is a living nightmare that will have you breaking out in hives.


Many couples’ struggle with whether or not to invest in a wedding video.

Is it really worth it? Will we really watch it more than one or two times?

These are definitely the right questions to be asking yourselves.

We find deciding on a wedding video usually hinges on 2 main things:

  1. Your personal preference for watching movies
  2. Whether or not you get a good video

Like most things in life, it’s the experience you have that makes watching your wedding video worthwhile.


Have you worked with my wedding photographer?

This is a must-ask question for videographers and photographers during your booking process because it has an enormous impact on your entire wedding day.

That said, it’s also a question that’s often missed during the vetting process.

Wedding highlight trail shot on location at White Elephant Resort in Nantucket.

“Pick someone who is kind,” is what Ellie’s sister said in her maid of honor speech at this gorgeous Nantucket wedding.

Mike just happens to be the nicest person Ellie has ever met.

There was no shortage of smiles and laughter on this day that could easily be marked as one of the happiest days of Mike and Ellie’s lives.


Libbi and Tyler had a long road to romance but you know what they say—if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. And these two certainly are perfect for each other.

In the end, their Willowbend wedding had it all—a beautiful outdoor ceremony (which was almost rained out), sentimental vows that had everyone crying, funny and moving speeches, and one crazy party.