Many couples’ struggle with whether or not to invest in a wedding video.

Is it really worth it? Will they really watch it more than one or two times?

These are definitely the right questions to be asking yourselves.

We find deciding on a wedding video usually hinges on 2 main things:

  1. Your personal preference for watching movies
  2. Whether or not you get a good video

Like most things in life, it’s the experience you have that makes watching your wedding video worthwhile. And sometimes when you’re not quite sure what to do with a wedding video even if you know you want one… it means you have to create a fun reason to put that video on near constant repeat.

We got together with our favorite wedding planner on Cape Cod, Jamie Bolin of Cape Cod Celebrations who plans fabulous celebrations (of both large and small variety), to get her take on how to make watching your wedding video just as much fun as when you first made it.

Jamie recommended five things that you and your love can do to endlessly enjoy watching the wedding video you invested in.

should I hire a wedding videographer for small wedding

Should I hire a wedding videographer for my small wedding?

It’s not uncommon to want a low key wedding. You’ve hired a wedding photographer but what about wedding video? Is it worth hiring a wedding studio for such a small event? Would it be weird? Yes, it’s worth it and no it’s not weird to have a small wedding filmed. It’s about what is important […]


1. Create a special viewing the first time you watch your wedding video

For your first watch, I definitely recommend watching it with just the two of you first. This is going to be the first time you both see your wedding from a guest point of view and it’s going to be overwhelming in all the best ways possible.

Take in this special moment. In all of the craziness of your wedding and the time since it was over, you’ll have forgotten a lot of details. You’ll be surprised that you’ve also forgotten some of the big details like your vows. Adrenaline runs high and constant during your wedding day and you lose a lot of what you want to remember in the excitement of the day. This is going to be the first time you get to take in your wedding as you planned it.

You’ll see guests you didn’t get to spend much time with, the cocktail hour you didn’t get to participate in, yourselves walking down the aisle, and your parents’ reactions. It really is an overpowering moment. You’ll be happy you took the time to be in each other’s company before sharing the experience with anyone else.

Snuggle up together with a glass of wine, cup of tea, or your beverage of choice and a box of tissues (even if you don’t think you will, you’re going to need them) and get ready to relive the best day of your life!

2. Host a wedding video viewing party

Wedding videos are so different than they were in the past. Cinematic style wedding videos truly play like Hollywood-style movies and it makes for a fun watch for just about everyone, hosting a watch party is a perfect way for everyone to re-experience the day.

Make it as casual or fancy as you’d like. You can either order a few of pizzas from your favorite pizzeria or go as big as recreating some of the favorite foods served at your wedding—including any signature drinks of course!

Be realistic about who you invite. Not everyone is going to want to attend a viewing of your wedding video, so make sure it’s close friends and family who are going to have an amazing time reliving those memories.

I love the idea of making it into an interactive game! Every time the bride and groom kiss, everyone eats a Hershey’s kiss. When you see Uncle Joe everyone high fives. (You could also make it a drinking game, but we don’t want to be the ones to suggest imbibing too heavily while watching your wedding video!)

And definitely make a point of Instagramming everyone’s reaction and post using your wedding hashtag.

3. Share your love!

If you are a fan of social media, then definitely share your video with your friends and family that could not be there in person.

Keep the excitement of the day going and make it go viral among friends and family using your wedding hashtag! Get that love spread around-the world needs to be inspired by your true love, this is not the time to be bashful.

4. Create tradition for your wedding anniversary

I recommend watching your wedding video every year on your anniversary (naturally)! You will be surprised how different and more special the video will become year after year. As you, your friends, and you family change throughout time you all get to look back fondly on the memories you all created together. Those bonds become stronger with each viewing.

5. Make it a long-term legacy

One surprising and welcomed side-effect wedding videos have on couples is that it reminds them of their everlasting love and commitment to each other.

Relationships take work and there will be challenging times for all couples. The realism that a wedding video can provide is a perfect way to remind yourselves of how you love you are, despite the balled up dirty socks that never get picked up or how the dishwasher is always loaded wrong. There are no hazy memories that you have to struggle to recall, its all there in front of you in living color.

If/when you have kids, make it a point to include them when you watch it every year on your anniversary. It’s so cool for them to see their parents when they go married. It helps them to see their parents as people versus the parental they’ve always known telling them to get their rooms picked up. It’s a wonderful way to help your kids see you in a new dimension and sparks new conversations between all of you with this new shared bond.

I completely understand why couples wonder if getting a wedding video is worth it and those concerns are 100% valid. I’ve also seen many couples regret that they skipped it.

Never have I seen any couple regret that they got the videographer that they truly wanted.

After your wedding has gone by those past questions of “should you get video” completely melt away and you’ll be so happy that you chose to capture your day in sound and motion!


Have you worked with my wedding photographer?

This is a must-ask question for videographers and photographers during your booking process because it has an enormous impact on your entire wedding day.

That said, it’s also a question that’s often missed during the vetting process.

Why do your wedding videographer and photographer need to get along?

Because these two are the only vendors that are with you for your entire wedding day and they’ve got to get all the shots of all the things that matter most to you.

It’s important that YOU get along with them.

It’s also important that they get along with each other, or at the very least respect each other’s space, because there’s only get one chance to get the most important shots.

And the last thing you want is a picture of the videographer as a third partner in your first dance or have a photographer parked in the middle of the center aisle shot of your video for your entire wedding.

Weddings are high tension jobs for videographers and photographers.

Because of this, friction can develop between your videographer and photographer if their work styles differ.

You don’t want the hassle of wondering, “Are my vendors are playing nicely with each other, or are they struggling with each other to get the same shot?”

Because they’re with you every step of your wedding day—even if you don’t see the tension between the videographer and photographer, you’ll definitely feel it.

These two vendors need to work seamlessly as a team to ensure you have the best experience possible and stay on time while doing it.

Some photographers have it in their contract that if you don’t hire their recommended videographers, they can’t guarantee your important shots. The vendors they’re recommending might be more money than the videographer that you’re eyeing up. But it’s the difference between having a carefree amazing time with these two vendors and having a stressful experience.

This is why it’s critical that you ask if they’ve worked together and get along before you book your vendors.

Don’t take chances with your wedding vendors.

One of the most important steps in my process is to reach out to photographers I’m unfamiliar with before your wedding day.

I introduce myself, talk about my team, and discuss our collective working styles. Even if the photographer has a bias against videographers, this goodwill gesture goes a long way towards a more peaceful coexistence come your wedding day. In the end, we all have an understanding that there’s a job to do. And the day will proceed with much greater precision and ease if we all work together.

Although we have different roles to play in your wedding, the end goal is the same: a happy couple. And that’s a win-win for everyone.


Wedding highlight trail shot on location at White Elephant Resort in Nantucket.

Ellie and Mike have a special connection to Nantucket

It seemed fitting for Nantucket to be the place for them to exchange their wedding vows.

“Pick someone who is kind,” is what Ellie’s sister said in her maid of honor speech at this gorgeous Nantucket wedding. And Mike just happens to be the nicest person Ellie has ever met.

There was no shortage of smiles and laughter on this day that could easily be marked as one of the happiest days of Mike and Ellie’s lives.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to work with a couple that feels like family. Mike and Ellie (and their whole family) where that couple. Ellie’s mom wanted to surprise Ellie with a wedding video and we all bonded instantly.

We’re so honored to have been able to share this time with these two families. And we look forward to the day when they return to the Cape so we can continue the celebration.

Vendors at Ellie & Mike's Wedding
Wedding photography: Blink of An Eye Photography  |  Wedding videography: Harborview Studios  |  Beach Ceremony location: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Nantucket, MA  |  Reception venue: White Elephant Hotel  |  Florist: Flowers on Chestnut  |  Stationary: AMGDesignCo  |  Wedding cake designer: Cake Nantucket

Libbi and Tyler had a long road to romance but you know what they say—if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. And these two certainly are perfect for each other. In the end, their Willowbend wedding had it all—a beautiful outdoor ceremony (which was almost rained out), sentimental vows that had everyone crying, funny and moving speeches, and one crazy party.

Are you having a Willowbend wedding? We’d love to capture those memories for you—give us a shout!

Yes, and this is why…

Not getting a wedding film is the single biggest regret I hear from newlyweds.

They wish they had their wedding day on video.

I’ve heard every possible reason why a couple may turn down the opportunity to have their wedding day filmed. Everything from, “It’s not in our budget” to “I don’t think we’ll ever watch it.”

But when the festivities have ended and the last guest has said their goodbyes most newlyweds turn to each other and wonder what just happened. There’s so much you’ll have missed and you don’t think about that in advance (and why would you, really). There are guests that newlyweds didn’t get to spend as much time with as they wanted to, they never got to see cocktail hour, or the reactions of your guests as you walk down the aisle.

It’s our job to be in the places you aren’t so you don’t miss a single detail about your wedding.

Your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye.

Your wedding day is a deeply orchestrated event and there is a strict schedule to be kept. You are going to be pulled in 18 different directions by your photographer will need to continue your photos, family will want to give you well-wishes, the DJ needs to know when you want to do the first dance, etc.

There are going to be people at your wedding you didn’t even get to see.

And even though photographs are a great way to remember some of the beautiful sights, nothing will make you feel like you’re there again like a wedding film.

A well produced wedding film that brings the sights and sounds back to you will have you overcome with emotion at every sitting.

Nothing else will make you relive every dance move, every laugh and every tearful word, like your very own wedding video. Photographs can’t do that. Even friend’s iPhone video snippets can’t do that.

Why can’t an amateur videographer do the same thing as a pro?

Remember that strict schedule I mentioned earlier? It’s no joke. You *think* you know what that day is going to be like but nothing can quite prepare you for what is coming for today’s modern weddings.

A professional videographer knows exactly where to be at all times. They have assistants and second shooters.

They know the traditional moments to capture and a great filmmaker will be able to sense the personal moments to capture. Moment’s that no one else would think to film.

A professional wedding film instantly recalls all of the wonderful moments that you experienced but had forgotten and even reveals so much of the day that you simply missed.

A college kid with a camera, a sweet friend, whoever is doing the favor… doesn’t have that kind of timeline awareness.

Size (er… length) of your wedding film matters

Many couples recall their parents wedding films that are 2+ hours long and think, “Good God, I’m never going to watch that more than once.” And I can’t say I blame them.

Great wedding videos aren’t like that.

Modern wedding films take you through every moment—from getting your dress on to the last dance—in under 30 minutes so it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing your friends to sit through an epic, full-length Lord of the Rings feature.

Your film will bring all those amazing memories back and do it in a way that is fun, refreshing and beautiful.

My aim is to make you want to hit the play button, again, as soon as you’re done watching it the first time. And then again, at least once, every year after.

So… should you get a wedding video?

I think everyone should get the best wedding video that their budget can afford. If your budget only allows for compilation videos shot by guests on iPod—go for it! If you can afford someone who’s more professional—do it!

And if you want to invest in an amazing keepsake that will be heirloom quality, hire someone with amazing credentials and you gel with (that part’s very important).

It doesn’t have to be me. But I do think it’s very important to have wedding video. Why else would I be doing it?

You might not think much about audio when it comes to your wedding video. But when you hire a professional cinematographer you’re going to want to know they’re thinking about it. A lot.

Audio in wedding videos is a critically undervalued detail.

Unfortunately, audio is something that too many wedding videographers often undervalue. And bad audio can significantly impact the quality of your film.

If it’s bad enough, it can ruin your wedding film completely.

Poor quality equipment or the lack of proper audio hookups and can loose that precious anecdote from your mom or your best friend forever.

Taking a cue from Hollywood.

If you ever watch a behind-the-scenes video of any Hollywood movie or TV show, you may catch the boom operator holding a long boom pole with a shotgun mic attached to the end.

Microphones are held inches away from an actor’s face—just out of frame. Or for a wide shot, the actors wear a hidden lapel microphone somewhere on their clothing.

For Harborview Studios’s productions, the groom and officiant will be wearing lapel mics.

If these two people are not mic’d you will get bad audio quality for your wedding video. Chances are excellent that you won’t hear your vows.

We also make sure to use separate audio recorders that connect directly to a DJ or band’s soundboard and mini shotgun mics that pick up desired ambient audio.

It is absolutely key to making a high-end wedding video worth watching over and over.

These audio moments are what brings the whole film to life