Modern cinematography for local and destination weddings

Our mission is to preserve all your

fun, laughter, tears and memories 


and handcraft a warm, heartfelt cinematic keepsake starring you, your close friends, and family that you'll cherish for years to come.

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 Rhode Island wedding videography

Welcome to Harborview Studios

the place for couples who are looking for a cinematic experience with their love story. 

 Owners of Harborview Studio Sean and Cindy Caughey | photo credit:  K  elly Cronin Photography

Owners of Harborview Studio Sean and Cindy Caughey | photo credit: Kelly Cronin Photography

We’re Sean & Cindy Caughey, (pronounced koi, like the fish; not coffee although we are big fans of it), we’re a husband & wife videography team who have filmed couples in love for more than 10 years.

We deliver so much more than a wedding film.

Not only do we create a gorgeous wedding film of your day that you'll want to watch over and over and over and (you get the idea)... but we also deliver peace of mind. 

Your experience begins with knowing everything you can expect throughout your journey with us—you're never in the dark about what happens next. 

We know that being in the loop means never having to wonder if your project has been forgotten. 

With some studios, you might not hear from them for months until you get your final video.

Not us. We're big fans of current, consistent, and transparent information.

We'll always keep you in the know about what we need from you next, how your wedding day will go, and exactly when you can expect your final delivery.

And we make sure to give you updates on your wedding video straight through to delivery day so you don't ever feel like you're unsure about the progress of your film or wonder if we've forgotten about you (because, how could we—you're awesome).

We're with you through the WHOLE process. 

What you will find in our wedding films:

  1. A perfect representation of you as a couple
  2. The story of your wedding day edited in a cinematic style
  3. All of the feels

What you will find on our site:

  1. Straight forward language. I write using OUR voices... not the voice we think you want to hear or what tests best—this site is us, through and through. We're joyfully honest, straight-forward with our thinking, and as cheeseball as it sounds... we're crazy excited for each one of our weddings—because we really do have the best job ever. 
  2. A showcase of some of our favorite wedding trailers. These are 3 minute wedding trailers. To get an idea of what a our 20-minute full-length feature film sample is like, contact us here.
  3. A resource section dedicated to love stories and answers to common wedding videography questions. We know that it's not easy to expertly understand 13 different professional services while you're planning a wedding and we try to take away some of that planning stress by talking about how videography relates to your life, how to book wedding video, how to tell if a wedding video or cinematographer is good, and what to do with it after you have it. 
  4. A full range of frequently asked questions. To help some time, get the answers to the FAQ that you need without having to go through the whole email process to get it (of course we're thrilled to talk to you if you have any question not answered here—definitely get in touch if you're feeling like a chat).

It was important for us to have something that was a memory of that entire day—a recap of emotion, dancing and laughs—but also so that when we show others who weren’t able to attend that they feel like they were there.

Sean is incredible and someone who cares because this isn’t only your wedding it is his passion as well.
— Brad


Meet Sean Caughey, the man behind the camera

How it all started


 New England Wedding Videographer

I've been training my whole life to tell love stories using modern videography.

I grew up with a camera in my hand—constantly recording my family's large and small life moments. I didn't realize it at the time but I was inadvertently creating the perfect family video time capsule. These videos are timeless treasures that my entire family cherish. 

It's also the perfect foundation for my career in wedding video.

Crafting the story of two people in love is an art and an honor. There's a lot of skill involved in discovering the story of two people's hearts. Creating a short-form wedding film around a couple's biggest day is one of the most challenging and exciting projects. 

Helping my clients see how special their love is for each other is one of my favorite parts of my job. 

From the first phone call, we knew Sean was the right choice. Sean was very responsive, easy to work with and produced an amazing video.

On our wedding day, Sean teamed up really well with our photographer and captured all our special moments without feeling obtrusive.
— Erica

Of course, there's more to me beyond the camera.

I'm head-over-heels in love with, Cindy, my wife of 17 years. (Scroll down further to know more about her.)

We're the kind of couple that knows what the other is thinking before they do. It feels like we've been together forever and like we were just married yesterday, all at the same time. 

I'm an advocate for rescuing unwanted animals and we currently have two cats, a dog, and a horse—all rescues—mostly named after JAWS characters (OK, a Dawson's Creek character got in there). 

I'm a total movie nerd and can talk your ear off about anything movie related. Ask me anything you want about the Marvel Universe and I'll have the answer for you.  

During the football season you can almost always find me yelling much better play calls at the TV to my Cowboys (they can hear me, right?). 

Beyond that, I'm just your average guy who loves a good, cold Sam Adams to chase down a piece of great pizza (maybe followed up with some of Cindy's warm chocolate chip cookies, which are the best in the world—and not just because she's the one writing my bio). 

 Nantucket Wedding Videographer

I've always been a details person with high expectations.

Selfie credit: Cindy Caughey (makes sense, right?)

I'm the voice behind the website and social media.

I'm the person who will respond to your email and the one who will, inevitably, tell you about our rescue animals (our cats, our dog, and the time I accidentally adopted a horse and broke the news to Sean as he was washing dishes—whoops! I love you honey, you're a good man...).

I'm the outgoing introvert and The Fixer. The first thing I said to my mom when she told me she had cancer was, "We can fix this!"

Spoiler alert: we couldn't fix it... but we did have some of the best times of our lives, which is a mighty feat in the palliative care unit of a hospital. And that says a lot about tenacity in the face of adversity. 

I have a keen eye for unspoken details and cues, which is vital for your experience as a whole and makes working with us easy and fun.

Things I can count among my special skills:

  • correctly guessing whodunit in movies 98.7% of the time
  • correctly quoting movies approximately 23% of the time (it's charming)
  • being an overly proud, horrendous kitchen dancer

What I bring to your wedding video experience

I have 20 years of corporate marketing and graphic design experience which is where my passion for the little details comes from.

High expectations for quality have been engrained in me by my father since I was knee high to a grasshopper and those expectations for quality are woven into all aspects of our work. 

While Sean and his crew do their best to blend into the surroundings and not be seen at your wedding, I strive to make your experience with us joyful and exciting from your first contact with us to the moment you receive your video. 

You can expect me to be cheerful, helpful, and relatable when we talk (email, text, whatever you're comfortable with). 

I want to hear your story, laugh with you when you're happy, and relate to you when you're experiencing something less than joyful. 

I am genuinely excited to meet you and know more about you.