Modern cinematography for local and destination weddings

Our mission is to preserve all your

fun, laughter, tears and memories 


and handcraft a warm, heartfelt cinematic keepsake starring you, your close friends, and family that you'll cherish for years to come.

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Welcome to Harborview Studios

the place for couples who are looking for a cinematic experience with their love story. 

Husband and wife wedding videographers Sean and Cindy Caughey

Our Philosophy Is Simple

No one will watch a boring movie, even if it's about their own life.

We’re Sean & Cindy Caughey, (pronounced koi, like the fish; not coffee although we are big fans of it). We’re a husband and wife videography team who film couples in love. 

We deliver so much more than a wedding film.

Your Harborview Studios experience extends all the way from directly working with us leading up to and on your wedding day through each and every time you watch your wedding film. 

Hearty laughs and tears of joy will fill your heart and soul while you re-experience special moments, stolen kisses, quick glances, and first dances. 

Harborview Studios’ films are no ordinary wedding videos. Over the years we’ve refined our wedding films into a special keepsake that will pick you up from your worst days and remind you how beautiful your love is through everyday life. 

What you will find in our wedding films:

  1. A perfect representation of you as a couple
  2. The story of your wedding day edited in a cinematic style
  3. All of the feels

What you will find on our site:

  1. A showcase of some of our favorite wedding trailers. These are only wedding trailers, contact us for a full-length feature sample to see what a feature Harborview Studios wedding film will look like for you.
  2. A blog dedicated to love stories and wedding videography struggles. We know that it's not easy to expertly understand 13 different professional services while you're planning a wedding and we try to take away some of that planning stress by talking about how videography relates to your life, how to book wedding video, how to tell if a wedding video or cinematographer is good, and what to do with it after you have it. 
  3. A full range of frequently asked questions. To help some time, get the answers to the FAQ that you need without having to go through the whole email process to get it (of course we're thrilled to talk to you if you have any question not answered here—definitely get in touch if you're feeling like a chat).

It was important for us to have something that was a memory of that entire day—a recap of emotion, dancing and laughs—but also so that when we show others who weren’t able to attend that they feel like they were there.

Sean is incredible and someone who cares because this isn’t only your wedding it is his passion as well.
— Brad


Meet Sean Caughey, the man behind the camera

How it all started



I've been training my whole life to tell love stories using modern videography.

I grew up with a camera in my hand—constantly recording my family's large and small life moments. I didn't realize it at the time but I was inadvertently creating the perfect family video time capsule. These videos are timeless treasures that my entire family cherish. 

It's also the perfect foundation for my career in wedding video.

Crafting the story of two people in love is an art and an honor. There's a lot of skill involved in discovering the story of two people's hearts. Creating a short-form wedding film around a couple's biggest day is one of the most challenging and exciting projects. 

Helping my clients see how special their love is for each other is one of my favorite parts of my job. 

From the first phone call, we knew Sean was the right choice. Sean was very responsive, easy to work with and produced an amazing video.

On our wedding day, Sean teamed up really well with our photographer and captured all our special moments without feeling obtrusive.
— Erica

Of course, there's more beyond the camera.

I'm madly in love with my wife of 16 years, Cindy. We recently renewed our wedding vows at a Cape Cod Bridal Show (we were featured in The Cape Cod Times if you'd like to read about it—it was tons of fun).

I believe deeply in rescuing unwanted animals and we currently have two cats, a dog, and a horse—all rescues—mostly named after JAWS characters. 

I'm a total movie nerd and can talk your ear off about anything movie related. 

During the football season you can almost always find me yelling much better play calls at the TV about to my Cowboys (they can hear me, right?). 

Beyond that, I'm just your average guy who loves a good, cold Sam Adam's to chase down a piece of great pizza (maybe followed up with some warm chocolate chip cookies).