Husband & wife wedding Filmmakers

We're Sean & cindy

We're a husband and wife wedding videography team who've been married for (OMG) 18 years! We're based out of our favorite place in the whole world: Cape Cod, MA.

We love to connect with couples who have fond memories of growing up here or have recently fallen in love with the Cape.

You can usually find us relaxing over a good cup of coffee, heading out for an ice cream lunch, supporting our local shops & farms, discovering all the best local eats on Cape Cod, and snuggled up on the couch with our fuzzy menagerie. 

We’re obsessed with pancakes, movies, music, and being of service to couples who aspire to a well-rounded marriage focused on love and respect.

We are well known for our captivating story-driven films and our friendly, supportive service that our couples experience all throughout wedding planning.

It's important to us that your day be fun and stress-free. We don't want you to think of us as vendors, but rather a part of your wedding.

What Cindy loves about Sean

"I'm in awe of how incredibly smart he is (and so humble about it). Ever since we first met, he's helped me to raise the bar on everything I do. 

I love how he changes our world on a local level, he wants the best for everyone. His passion for community support and activism is something we should all aspire to achieve.

He's been loyal to the Dallas Cowboys his entire life, no matter how mediocre they'd been since he first loved them.

I love that he's the most patient and kind teacher. He will come at a situation from many different angles until you truly understand and he won't get flustered by it.

I love that he's a talented writer who has written screenplays, novels, an untold number of short stories, (and love poems to me when we were dating). 

I love that he doesn't judge me for how hard I'll cry at movies (and I will outright sob—it gets ugly).

He's the best husband and a loyal friend. I always tell him that I'm a better person because of who he is."

What Sean loves about Cindy

"I love how compassionate she is. She wants everything living thing—from a person to a tiny insect—to live a full happy life. We don’t kill bugs in our house, we trap them and set them free outside. 

She just wants things the way she wants it.

I love how she doesn’t care how loud she’s laughing in a movie theater even when absolutely no one else is. Which makes whatever she’s laughing at, that much funnier. 

I love her horrible dance moves in the kitchen while we’re cooking dinner, especially when she scoops up our kitten, Natasha, to dance with her. (Who weirdly seems to love it, too.)

I love how we love the same movies and have no shame in watching them over and over.

I love her passion, her dedication, and her fierce honesty (which I find refreshing).

Above all I love how well we compliment each other. We’re different in many ways yet we also feel like we’re the same person."

photo by: paul blackmoore photography

photo by: paul blackmoore photography


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