We're Sean & Cindy, the husband & wife wedding filmmakers of Harborview Studios. We help couples get wedding films that are timeless, fresh, fun, and (most important) a perfect representation of themselves. 

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As fun as they are, we know that weddings can be stressful to plan. Which is why we make sure your wedding video experience with us is as carefree and fun as possible. 

We've designed all of our packages for full day coverage with two professional videographers so you don't have to worry about whether or not you'll be able to get your grandmother dancing at the reception if your heart is also set on getting ready coverage. You have multi-angle coverage without even knowing we're there. 

Easy to get in touch with and always responsive, we've made sure our process puts you and your guests at ease by being detailed oriented and working unobtrusively. We blend in at your party and work seamlessly with your photographer and other vendors.

Your wedding film should be everything you've been dreaming of. We want your experience with us to be one of the best experiences of your wedding day.

We're going to make you laugh, help you relax, and let you know that we've got everything handled from start to finish.

But seriously, what are we like as people? Because you probably want to know what kind of people you're working with. Which is good! Because your wedding videographers should be YOUR kind of people. 

Sean and I are animal-lovers. We believe in rescuing animals in need (we've rescued dogs, cats, and a horse). We're foodies, movie nerds, and I have a borderline embarrassing obsession with cake.

We love the frenetic energy of the wedding season but we're equally happy sacked out at home on the couch with the bebies. We're flat out stupid, crazy in love with Cape Cod which is why we moved here from New Jersey 13 years ago. 

Sean's the steadiest port in any storm and I have ZERO problem admitting I have almost no filter. But, it's a really funny lack of filter. And I have absolutely no shame when it comes to dancing in my kitchen. I rock that floor hard. You might even get a sneak peek on our Instagram stories (with playlist included—because that kind of thing is important).  

If you ask either one of us, we'll tell you that the other one is the best thing that ever happened to them and working with each other makes us ridiculously happy. 

Our own wedding was an elopement on Christmas Eve and it was perfect in every way, right down to our unity Duraflame log. (No joke.)

We're just a little bit quirky and we love that about ourselves. An honest laugh (and pancakes) can cure many ills. 

Both of our moms died of cancer and that experience has deepened our commitment for what we do—preserving memories of the people you cherish the most. Because when it comes down to it, all we really have in life are the experiences. It's important to remember them as best as you can.


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