They Knew Right From The Start
Annina and David’s Love Story

April 15, 2017



How their love story began

Annina and David’s love story begins in the classrooms of Villanova University, where the sparks flew almost immediately between these freshmen after they were paired together on a class project.

During their “Introduction to Mechanical Engineering” class, Annina was immediately drawn to David’s sense of humor, while David thought Annina was sweet and “way out of my league!” he admits.

Their first date was surprisingly simple

“We had pizza after class one day at the mall.” Annina explained.

Never underestimate the power of pizza to bring people together. Yet, as the night continued, they both quickly realized how perfect they were for each other.

How they knew their love was everlasting

“I knew on our first date. After we had dinner, we had a sword fight in my front lawn using pool noodles. We ended up sitting on the living room floor talking until 2 AM,” Annina explained.

And since then, this fun couple has been inseparable. David may keep Annina laughing everyday, but he says her sense of humor is also one of the things he loves most about her–along with her creativity and drive.

What they love so much about each other

While she also appreciates David’s creativity, she also loves his intelligence and benevolence. Although David has a tendency to laugh at inappropriate times, Annina can’t help but be entertained by it.

And David is going to spend more time trying to get Annina to find more time to relax. “Annina always needs to be doing something, she isn’t good at relaxing–but I am helping her learn!”

Their first date may have been notably low-key, but for the proposal, David decided to go all out

While taking a romantic stroll in the Port Orleans gardens at Disney World, Annina was surprised by the arrival of a beautiful white horse and carriage, along with David’s marriage proposal.

Since then, this fun couple has experienced a lot, including their rigorous education at Villanova, and the challenges of moving to a new state and finding engineering jobs in their new home on Cape Cod.

Through it all, their love and sense of humor keeps everything together.

“We are always silly and love joking around with each other. We are soul mates in every sense of the word, we tend to communicate without needing to verbalize our ideas. We are always creating and designing new ideas together,” Annina said.

Looking forward to the future

While they are starting a new life together on the Cape as a couple, Annina and David look forward to building a family together as well. And when they look back on their wedding day, they are thrilled to have a video that documented everything.

Annina & David’s advice to couples considering getting wedding videography

“Our advice would be to get an artistic wedding video that captures the emotion of the day. That is the kind of video you are actually going to want to watch. Harborview Studios is perfect for the job!”



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